Ingram1225 asks in the HTC One S forums,

Anyone have voice mail notification issues? Like always saying you have voice mail? Seems to be a rampant HTC issue with all their phones.

I did listen to all my voicemails... even deleted the saved ones. My One S keeps notifying me that I have a new voicemail... and when I check there are no new voicemails.

As Ingram1225 mentioned, this is a quirk on a lot of HTC Android phones, and not particular to the One S. When you activate or put your SIM in a new HTC Sense phone, sometimes you get a voice mail notification. It happens seemingly at random, and nobody is 100-percent sure how to prevent it. Good thing it's easy to fix!

Grab another phone, it could be a landline, another cell phone, or even a call from Google Talk, and call your number. Don't answer it, you need to let it go to voicemail. When it does, leave a message. Now go back to your phone with the stuck voice mail notification. You should now have two voice mails showing, the "stuck" one and the real one you just left. Call your voice mail service from your HTC Sense phone, and listen to and delete the new message. That should fix your problem, and you're good to go until you get another new HTC phone.

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Ask AC: HTC One S voice mail notification issue


Settings > Call > Clear voicemail notification

Easy peasy. It's what I had to do the day I got my One S (after about 4 calls to my voicemail number thinking that'd clear it).

It's a "new SIM" thing. Whenever TMo phones get a new SIM, it gives a voicemail notification. Meant for new customers to set up their voicemail. And since every OneS owner will have a new SIM (micro), it'll pop up with almost everyone.

This happens due to the message waiting indicator from the server sending a message to the device. This is happens to a lot of different phones, not just HTCs. This can even happen if you use google voice and you switch to a new SIM card (aka new One S Micro SIM with WiFi calling active). I don't think that it will continue after the first time.

It is possible that you may have to call T-Mobile if the steps above don't work. Just tell them that your Message Waiting Indicator won't clear. They will do a cancel location and clear your voicemail settings (and call and leave a message as the above instructions say) and you will for sure be good to go.

The One S is a killer phone btw...

Edit: Mardogg44 beat me to the punch.

This is not an HTC One S issue, but issue for HTC One V.
Internal memory of only 95 MB. This is after being said in specs, 4gb.
Problem arrives when i try to get a file greater then 95 mb via bluetooth.
And best of all, it shows "Not enough space in SD Card".
I have 8gb sd memory, out of which 4gb is free.
Anyone wish to update me about the issue.