Not sure how many of  you out there are making use of Google Latitude but if you are, you may find a few more people that now want to stalk follow your every move. Yes, the iPhone crowd has today, been given a proper Google Latitude application for iOS. As noted by the good folks over at TiPB, the application did make an early appearance in the iTunes app store as it seemingly got caught up in all the Nexus S and Gingerbread news but was then quickly pulled again. It has finally returned and is available now for download. Has Google finally broken the iOS barrier? First Google Voice, now this. [TiPB]

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dwt10 says:

Lol "my mom"

spielnicht says:

Crap, if Google Nav makes it way over to iOS...I'll definitely jump back on the iPhone.

Sorry, but 3 bloody companies (HTC,Samy,Moto) can't release a single Android device with a decent camera, it's just sad.

Not to mention, Nexus S doesn't interest me at all; plastic, plastic, and more plastic.

A decent camera??? Wtf??

etnpnys says:

Yeah... I gotta say that I was just searching this morning for a way to take HDR photos on my EVO - shouldn't that just be a software/firmware thing?

Dnomyar220 says:

If all you're looking for in a cell phone is a great camera, I'd go with the N8. It's side by side better than the iPhone4 (at least according to the photographer reviews I've read, I don't have much of an eye for it).

It would be nice to get an android phone with a little better hardware design. I'm on Sprint's EVO, and while I have no real complaints the phone is definitely a little "rickety" feeling compared to the iPhone4. That being said, I wouldn't give up android for it. It would be awesome if I could get a phone that felt as solid and robust as the iPhone4, but had Gingerbread on it.

Try the Droid X. Feels very good in the hand. Very solid. And after this recent froyo update, it is much mirror stable and I no longer wish for another device. For now. Iphone is puny.

JeffDenver says:

The Epic beat the iPhone4 for picture quality actually - - and the Incredible matched it.

khelek says:

I love Google Latitude and use it quite regularly. Glad to see iPhone users interested get a proper app....

PhilR8 says:

The entire iOS design language is looking horribly dated. This app looks like poop.

Apple is letting more Google apps in their market because they don't want to loose more customers to Android. Plain aand simple. It's the smartest thing they have done recently. I'll keep my Droid X and Macbook Pro, for now. Waiting on Chrome OS.

I could use without it... I like my privacy. Who knows who's stalking you.

tim242 says:

@cyber warrior: You have to allow people to see your location. You add friends, like an im app. You can enable/disable certain friends at any time. It's not like anybody can stalk you.

Kwaii64 says:

I'm not gonna lie. First impressions of that app giving off my location 24/7 to who ever I add is just creepy. But aye the same people who use twitter might like it the most.