Another update for the Evo 4G coming soon from Sprint and HTC?

Sprint may be getting ready to push out another maintenance release for the Evo 4G, set for June 28 according to inside sources. Three things are rumored for the update:

  • WiFi signal reporting
  • Exchange ActiveSync policy improvements
  • Social networking improvements to address battery life issues

Sounds like a good update all in all, and touches on what we've already heard as far as the WiFi fix goes. Still not hearing anything on the 30 FPS issue, so we'll just keep our fingers crossed. [BGR]


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Another Evo 4G update said to be coming June 28


Awesome! Loving how responsive the programmers and coders are to the needs of the device and the trusty Android flock.

Awesome sauce! I hope they activate the WiFi-N radio so that I don't have to root my phone! It'd actually be to their advantage if they hope to keep contention (feature wise) against the iPhone 4 and Motorola Droid X!

I honestly don't care about the 30 fps issue. My phone works fine capped at that speed, if they do unlock it then i guess it's just an added bonus.

Without the wifi-n unlocked they are still in contention with the iphone and the x. Wifi-n is supposed to be supported in froyo, so I can't see a need for it to be activated out the box on 2.1, its not enabled on the X either, nor was it on the N1.

Good to see the proactiveness of HTC and Sprint. BTW, anyone noticing all the iPhone 4 issues starting to arrive? People can't even make calls on the poor slab due to reception issues by HOLDING the phone. !!!!!

While I don't like the iPhone 4, it has been proven that the reception issue is just a software bug, and that people were still able to make calls on it.

It is a software issue. Even with no signal you can still make a call. That is all detailed in the link you posted.

The iPhone bashing gets old to me. I'm no fan of the iPhone, but the rhetoric is just annoying.

My God, how is this iPhone bashing? Calling it a hardware is bashing but calling it a software issue isn't bashing? Did you watch the video where the guy is explaining how the GPS/Bluetooth and GSM/3G antenna are being short-circuited by you skin touching both at the same time?! That is causing dropped calls and poor reception! How can that possibly be a software issue? A software update won't cause the antennas to no short-circuit!

It is NOT a software issue, what relation does software have when physically touching an external antenna and losing a signal? On various sites folks are reporting, Apple support are opening up cases, Apple are saying it is hardware, customers will have to send in their device for repairs. I am also hearing that some folks are already returning their iphone 4. Gizmodo have a growing list of videos sent in by readers, try watching one of them.

Steve Jobs just responded to the reception issue: "Gripping any mobile phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance, with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of the antennas. This is a fact of life for every wireless phone. If you ever experience this on your iPhone 4, avoid gripping it in the lower left corner in a way that covers both sides of the black strip in the metal band, or simply use one of many available cases."

So there you have it, it is NOT software related, Apple are basically telling their customers to, "get over-it."

OMG, those videos made me laugh. Feel sorry for those who bought the iPhone 4...well actually not, they should have bought the Evo or the Droid X. They can actually make a phone call with those.

Definitely not a software issue! The exposed antennas that control GPS, bluetooth and the GSM/3G radios are being short circuited when you join the two together by placing your conductive skin in your left hand over the small seam that separate the antennas. Since most people are right handed, holding it naturally in your left hand is going to cause problems. The only solution I see is buying one of those Apple rubber bumper cases!

Hope there's a fix for Qik's video chat between EVO's. As it stands now, it's a worthless POS.

Thank you for raising this issue! I love my Evo, and I suspect this may be a Qik problem, but wherever the bottleneck lies, it would help me to have it fixed. I downloaded the supposed fix from the market, and still no joy.

Definitely not a local connection problem -- has to be either the app and/or Sprint's network handling of the app. Have the update installed and we've tried it multiple times over WiFi, 4G and 3G, all with strong signals and sometimes w/both EVO's in the same room. Rarely does it work as it is supposed to and, when it does, the video and voice are usually crappy. The sad part is that there is zero tech support available for it -- from either Sprint or Qik.

Haven't they demonstrated quality use of the Qik video chat program, with a fast connection, between two Evos?! I have see numerous demos of it working great. Just one or two of it not working well. I think your connection is the problem.

has anyone heard whether sprint/htc will address the restart issue with the evo? ridiculous that my phone randomly restarts itself, and it seems to be happening to others, too (google search).

Exactly, some people are installing unnecessary, unneeded software, then they complain about their device having issues.

Yep, doesn't surprise me. My Evo has never rebooted/reset itself. The only problem I have ever had with it has been occasionally it will drop bluetooth connections to my headset or car, which is very annoying.

I had task killer set to "safe" autokill and had several random reboot and program crashes - phone would reboot while I was on a call, while using gps... also many random program crashes, and sometimes the camera would not work.

Turned off autokill and haven't had a problem since.

I also read over at XDA that the update could include the fix for the grounding issue where the notification area would come down when placed on couch, etc. Here was a email sent to this person from HTC. I hope this is true.

"Hi letsgoflyers81,

I got your device today and tested it. There was definitely an issue with the top half of the screen. It was very noticeable when I put it on a fleece jacket and tried to drag down the notification bar.

I installed an updated version of the software and the symptom completely disappeared. I am pretty confident that the solution we are currently working to certify with Sprint will address this issue for you. I can’t give you a schedule for the new software as we are still working on getting it tested and approved but you should not have to wait very long.

I will follow up with you again when we know the launch schedule for the new software and also check in with you after the update launches to confirm that you feel the issue has been resolved.

Thanks again for your help with this issue.


Here's what HTC think about the 30fps issue;

"Thank you for taking the time to contact HTC America Technical Support via E-Mail with your request to remove the frames per second cap on the Sprint EVO 4G. The human eye can only process 29.97 frames per second, so HTC purposely capped the EVO 4Gs frames per second to 30. This has enabled the device to operate more effectively in other areas because of less processor usage in FPS."

Do you think he is right? I have seen a youtube video where the Evo is rooted/hacked to achieve 56 fps graphics (AndroidCentral did an article the other day) and the 30 fps Evo looked just as good as the 56 fps. I think HTC is correct on this one.

From what I understand, it's a trick question. Yes the human eye can "see" a screen whether it's at 30fps, 60fps or 100fps. However, the human eye cannot tell the difference.

It is rather a complicated subject. The human eye *can* detect flicker over 30Hz, it doesn't start to fade away for most people until 70Hz (remember old CRT's at 60Hz.... ug!) However, we are not talking about refresh rates. This is 2D graphics *movement*. HTC is probably correct that most people simply cannot tell any difference.

I really don't think this is a big deal. I already knew they probably capped it to conserve battery and possibly for compatibility reasons. I would much rather they focus on bluetooth/wifi connection/range/stability issues, and the upcoming 2.2 port.

Froyooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?
Am I the only one scared to Root my phone? Does the HTC sence still work if its rooted?

Please enable the use of HTTP proxy over WiFi! It is the only major downside that I am experiencing with this phone.