HTC prototype

Remember that unannounced HTC Android phone that was spotted on a Taipei subway? Looks like it's appeared again, with a new pic being sent to Gizmodo. It's reportedly codenamed "Saga." Not a whole lot more to say about it -- capacitive buttons, front-facing camera, and the usual HTC design cues. But we're willing to bet it'll have a few tricks up its sleeve. Might we see it in two weeks at Mobile World Congress? It's looking fairly likely. [Gizmodo]


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Another look at the upcoming HTC 'Saga'


I would die if they are still using the old single core Snapdragon

Design is nice though. Like a black Nexus/Desire

I wish we would hear about it in a week at Sprint's event!! I know, not likely, but it would be nice...

HTC noise canceling mics are on the back of the phone where they belong.

What you see would be a front facing camera and/or a light sensor.

Just playing Devil's advocate here....

I noticed the Windows logo and seems more like the HTC Mozart upgrade to me.... :P

Finally they made the Touch Pro 2 with Android. Sans the slider kb it appears. A great phone just came with the wrong OS. Gawd, WinMo sucked.

please, oh please let this land on T-mobile!!! the Vibrant in my pocket and it's OS & GPS issues are working my last nerves... dearest HTC, i should never have left you!

Looks like a black nexus one without a track ball. I wonder how good the notification lights are on it.

I've got a friend who's played with it, it has the same single core architecture as the Desire HD (Cortex Arm v7) running at 1Ghz, has 600 MB of memory and runs Gingerbread.

Personally, I expected more. Very disappointed.

Looks alot like a phone I played with at the AT&T store the other day. 1.2GHZ Dual-core Snapdragon with an 4.3" AMOLED screen. Not sure if it's the exact same model, I think I was playing with the HTC Insight 4G (which I can't seem to find online anywhere...).