In a shock news conference breaking out of Philadelphia this week, it looks like their NFL team, the Eagles, has drafted five new players -- the Angry Birds, including the Mighty Philadelphia Eagle. Just writes itself doesn't it?

OK, so it's yet more Angry Birds, but just like the Heikki Kovalainen tie-in, it makes for an interesting prospect. According to the WSJ, this coming Monday. Rovio will officially announce the partnership that will see a new, Eagles themed title appear in the fall. The deal is said to include a massive marketing campaign, that will even see Angry Birds animations used on the stadium's video board. 

Andrew Stalbow, Rovio’s General Manager for North America, has said that the partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles is part of the company’s “aggressive road map.” Aggressive seems about right for this one; let's play some Football! Oh, and er, check out the 'news conference' while you're at it.

Source: WSJ


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Angry Birds drafted to the Philadelphia Eagles


Whoop whoop! Let's go (Angry) Birds! For the sake of the rest of the birds of the NFL, though, it'd be cool to see them branch out and partner with the Ravens or the Seahawks next.

This is like a dream come true. I've been a die hard eagle fan since 2003, finally we have something to cheer about! (Plus eagles got a shot to win it all this year). So I could get the best of both worlds, playing Eagles angry birds while watching them win a super bowl!

They made Andy muscular.. Lol.

Also, the Eagles are "the birds?".. Right.

The Atlanta Falcons are the Dirty Birds!