Andy Rubin, in response to a question regarding the lack of multitouch on US Google Experience Android devices, namely the Droid and Nexus One:

“It’s not an America versus outside America kind of thing. It’s a decision that is a result of the OEM model. I personally don’t like two-handed operations… there is no conspiracy.”

Um, okay. We don't even know what to say, but we're not buying it. Maybe we're conspiracy theorists to believe that deeper and darker reasons exist but multitouch is such a natural and intuitive feature that to not have it as even an option, simply puts your device at a competitive disadvantage.

But above all, the answer is incredibly odd. We're not even sure what's so bad about two-handed operations, heck, we do our typing two handed. We don't put the blame on Andy Rubin, everyone has their own unique preferences, but dude, come on. Looks like this multitouch issue won't be resolved anytime soon.

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Andy Rubin Doesn't Like Two Handed Operations


I prefer 1 thumb operation as well. I have multitouch enabled on my g1, and I haven't used it since I modded it. It's kind of gimmicky and awkward when using the phone in most normal situations, at least for me.

When I hear multitouch I think "pinch zoom", because that's all I've ever heard that's it's used with. Since I much prefer single-handed operation, pinch zoom doesn't interest me, so neither does multitouch. To me, saying that lack of multitouch puts a device at a competitive disadvantage is a gross exaggeration.

I, too, like single-handed operation, but that doesn't mean I HAVE TO. Even with multitouch enabled, people still can use only one hand to operate, no?

This issue is being blown out of proportion, especially when 3rd party devs can implement multitouch themselves, and it is possible to mod the default apps to support too.

This issue is being blown out of proportion, especially when 3rd party devs can implement multitouch themselves, and it is possible to mod the default apps to support too.

I could honestly careless about pinch zoom. What the android platform is really missing out on by ignoring native multitouch is an effective and fast copy and paste feature. Without the multitouch ability of highlighting a specific set of words copy and paste on android will always be sub par. But if google wants to continue to release sub par software then by all means continue.

Currently running moto droid unrooted on 2.0.1 waiting for official 2.1

What kind of mayor BS is that "I personally don't like two-handed operations"??? Mr. Rubin just said it like it is, Google is just frighten to get sue from Apple. I love Android and totally enjoy my Android devices BUT DUDE!... come on, is not IF you like it or not! is something YOUR CUSTOMERS are asking AT LOUD!!!

Thanks goodness for independent developers that made the Dolphin Browser and the one the made the Gallery app (they both can do pinch-zoom). Also thanks to the people at AllDroid and the DroidForum that have been working hard on extracting the original European Milestone browser and providing us with ways to get it into our U.S. devices so we can have pinch-zoom. I suspect that as soon as the Nexus One is available in the European version or the Milestone get the updated Android 2.1, we will be able to get the update browser and gallery with pinch-zoom extracted.

I'm not much for the multi-touch rage myself, but xScope in the marketplace provides a great Android browser with one and two finger zooming capabilities. Regardless of what Andy Rubin likes or dislikes, in effort to make the cutomers -- and therefore, shareholders happy, he should get more in tune with and make available whatever the people are going out of their way to get...

Sorry but I have to agree with Andy and disagree with others. I don't get the hype about multi-touch! I disagree that not having multi-touch puts the Droid or Nexus One at a competitive disadvantage. I can use my Droid just fine without having to use more than 1 finger at a time. Double tapping to zoom in an out or using the + and - tool is just fine with me!