Bird Poop for Android

Let's not mince words here. You're not going to play Bird Poop for hours. You're not going to stay up nights hoping to level up a character. Hell, you're not even going to want people to know you're playing it. But Bird Poop, from Paramobile Games, is strangely fascinating. You're a bird on a wire, hanging out above a city street, doing what birds do. Pooping. Only, this bird's got a bombsight, the better to pepper cars and pedestrians. It's also got an interesting three-dimensional perspective, and the graphics are quite smooth. It's bizarre, to say the least.

If you don't want Bird Poop mucking up your downloads list, we've got some hands-on video after the break. That's right ... we're givers.

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Android Quick App: Bird Poop (no, really)


This looks like one of those WTF apps kinda like one I found called Kitty Punch. Kitty Punch is just messed up. The graphics are like that of an old Nintendo game and you're a guy dressed up like a cat or dog or other animals batting at a play item dangling in front of you. Messed up, but interesting.

Way off topic from bird poop but this is the 2nd app I have seen now where I'm not sure how much I like the ICS buttons being a part of the screen on a phone. They look like they will be hit really easily during gameplay. Of course I have not seen in person yet, but it's an observation I wonder if anyone has seen.

The other app was the podcast application Pocket Casts, with ICS the play buttons look awfully busy.

I feel the same. I am attached to my cap buttons. But, until I use a phone without them myself I am trying to reserve judgement. I definitely wouldn't want them on a standard LCD screen where the black wouldn't really look black. At least on the Amoled screen they almost look like cap buttons.

I agree with you on this but the buttons on my Epic are probably a 1/2" from the screen, these are right next to it.

I have never, ever tried Angry Birds and can't even pretend that I care about it. But this Bird Poop is getting me intrigued so I might give it a shot.