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Google has updated the statistics for the state of the Android ecosystem and they show that over 90 percent of all Android devices connecting to the Market are running at least Android 2.1 Eclair, which launched just over a year ago with the Nexus One. The majority of devices are on Android 2.2 Froyo (61 percent), which has seen healthy growth over the months since its launch last summer thanks to updates and the masses of new phones launching with it. 

Gingerbread launched alongside the Nexus S late last year but only accounts for 1.7 percent. This is due to the fact that only the Nexus S and Nexus One officially have the update thus far, but anyone running a hacked Gingerbread ROM like CyanogenMod would show up in these numbers as well. 

The tablet-optimized Honeycomb also made an appearance at just 0.2 percent, which should not be too surprising as the Xoom is the only 3.0 tablet on the market right now. Check out the full breakdown for each version past the break. [Android Developers]

Version breakdown

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babybear293 says:

if cell phone Manufacturers were more current this would have been last year's stats & this year should be 2.3. at least 2.3 should share the same numbers that 2.1 has. just overall be more than 0.7% & 1.0%.

romma says:

We Want Ice Cream!

hybrid85 says:

2.2's percent would be higher if Samsung could get its isht together and get 2.2 on all of it's galaxy S phones, jus sayin'

jona619 says:

Dude... seriously shut up with dat. Samsung has released the update its all bcuz of the stupid US carriers!!! Ask the Brits and they'll tll u...

kalleguld says:

And still some of us are waiting for Cyanogenmod 7 to go out of RC, so we are still in the 2.2 segment

eyesparky says:

So 92% of devices are on 2.x versions of Android with 2.3 variants only having been released to developer devices so far (Nexus S. Nexus One). Pretty good really and highly comparable to the iOS breakdowns (89% on 4.x versions of iOS, 50% using 4.2.1 as of January ... pre 4.3 release). It is not as simple to coordinate releases of Android versions as it is iOS (and some manufacturers really do drag their heals) but even so it is interesting that the fragmentation of the leading mobile OSs is broadly similar (and not as big a deal for either of them as often cited in the media).

bgwavrder says:

Is there a difference between 2.2 and 2.2.1? I've got 2.2 on my Vibrant via keys however other devices that come stock with Froyo are 2.2.1 I didn't see these separated in the results.

Gingerbread...where you at? *cough cough* JUST SAYIN.

fwdixon says:

The Xoom may be the only Official Honeycomb Tablet on the market right now, but all of us with HC's nook's are using the market just fine.