htc evo 4g framerate test

I love a feel-good story every now and then.  All the phones getting rooted yesterday made me all warm and fuzzy.  But that still didn't prepare me for this one.  The insane idea of capping graphics performance of any kind on the Evo drives me crazy.  Not that I even notice it (I like slow and easy games ) but the general idea of that big bright screen, with all that app space, and a processor that is plainly capable getting throttled back just doesn't sit very well with me.

And it looks like it might not have to very much longer.  The wizards are at it again, this time dead set on unleashing the fps on the Evo, no matter what HTC might say about the possibility.  And they almost have it.  As you can see in the picture above, that Evo isn't capped at 30 fps. (Giggity) Certain hardware revisions (namely 003) have been fixed by a little bit of kernel hacking.  Hopefully revision 002 is right around the corner.

If all this sounds like so much geek-speak, it simply means that the issue is not a hardware limitation, and once HTC releases the kernel source the community can deliver a fully working, and framerate cap free Evo 4G.  Follow the break to see a couple videos, and let the discussion begin. [xda-developers] Thanks tehpsyc!




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Android hackers bust through the HTC Evo's 30 frames-per-second cap


Haha after i just took all that time to explain this to g/f you go an write about knew i should have acted dumb when she asked.

seriously HTC? these videos looked great!! why cap your own product? you limit the screen rate, and the wireless!! what gives? why make such a stellar product and then limit it. that would be like taking your star running back and beating his legs with a baseball bat right before the Superbowl.

That's what I was thinking. Battery life.

If that is the case, they should have at least given EVO owners the choice of how much framerate could be set -- like the choice to have animations or not.

Either way, I hope that in an update, or 2.2 this is corrected.

Still love the EVO.


Hurry up n take back now so u can get out of here already....we don't want negative people in our threads lmao

Just so you guys know this does NOT work on all EVO's. It ONLY works on hardware version 003 with the epson screen. On top of that NOT all 003's have the epson they have the novak like the 002 and there is currently no fix for the novak screen.

So there is no guarantee even if you bought the EVO today you would get one with the epson screen.

This is why my EVO will be going back before my 30day trial is up!!


Thank you so much for publishing the information about the epson vs nova technology screen.

I just purchase online an HTC Evo 4g and I am concern, will not know is the epson screen until I turn it on and check =(

Is there a way to check this if you have a linux laptop/desktop running GNU/Linux Debian or Ubuntu?

I will need to install a freaking windows machine to check if the EVO has the epson screen...

Also is there a problem with a separation on the screen, has that been fixed on newer devices I am assuming that they are giving me a newer generation hardware.

Thank you again,

You definitely don't need Windows to check this. If anything it's easier to do on Linux. Assuming you have the Android SDK installed and have 'adb' working, just run:

$ adb -d shell dmesg | grep -Ei "epson|nova"

And you should see messages referencing one or the other. On my 0003 phone, I see:

<7>[59800.012573] mddi_epson_power: power off.
<7>[59800.788421] mddi_epson_power: power on.
<7>[59804.165893] mddi_epson_power: power off.
<7>[59805.018768] mddi_epson_power: power on.
<7>[59805.705230] mddi_epson_power: power off.
<7>[59806.138244] mddi_epson_power: power on.
<7>[59865.875762] mddi_epson_power: power off.
<7>[59867.448242] mddi_epson_power: power on.

Hello Nate,

I have a gnu/linux debian system (lenny 5.0.5).

1. I downloaded the android sdk 2.2 from

2. extracted the .tgz file

3. went inside the tools directory and ran the commands:

jair@xenon:~/Desktop/android-sdk-2-2/android-sdk-linux_86/tools$ ./adb -e devices
List of devices attached
???????????? no permissions

jair@xenon:~/Desktop/android-sdk-2-2/android-sdk-linux_86/tools$ ./adb -d shell
error: insufficient permissions for device

So there is something I am missing.

The EVO is connected through USB cable into my debian laptop, with the "charge only" setting and "USB debugging connected"

Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do in the phone or the debian operating system laptop.

Just FYI this is a phone that is just default from sprint not rooted or anything.

Look forward to your response.

Thank you,

LOL! Let's see since the EVO has been rooted the folks at XDA have fixed both the FPS limit, removal of crapware, overclocking and enabling 802.11n. No wonder HTC sent a cease and desist. They are afraid that their software devs will be jobless once the Android 2.2 AOSP is released. This is just another example of why rooting a device is necessary.

I mean, the flipping through home screens and page scrolling was seemingly that smooth before they uncapped the fps rate. I think 30 fps is still excellent. Maybe one would notice it during 3D gaming, etc.

So I did the screen check and of course I have the nova screen. I wonder though, since some 0003 builds (like mine) have the screen lift, I wonder if the Epson screens are the ones that dont? I think I'm going to wait a few more weeks before I make a complaint about the screen. Hopefully my new one is part of the updated batch

Have no idea why they had to limit to 30FPS.

Is there some special reason?

Droid 2.1 is limited as well while 2.0.1 was not...

im so sad that every other cool phone gets awesome stuff and my incredible wont for a while because of verizon making it difficult on the hackers :(