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I remember way back when in April, Adult Swim put Robot Unicorn Attack in the Market. I was pretty fond of the browser version, but for some reason convinced myself to not buy the Android game. Today, that changed.

For those of you that live under a rock aren't familiar with Robot Unicorn Attack, the premise is simple: jump when appropriate to not fall to your demise, dodge things in your way (or rainbow dash through them), and last as long as you can to get your score up. It's not any different from other games in this same genre (what to call it? "Move until you run into something" games?), but you get to play as a robot unicorn with rainbow hair, plus there's a kickin' soundtrack.

Gameplay is just what you'd expect. The robot unicorn runs forth, doing it's robot unicorn thing. You control the jump (and double-jump) with the button on the bottom-left corner of the screen. If there's something like a star rock in your way, you can dash through it with the button on the bottom-right corner of the screen. There's also pixies or fairies or something mystical along the way, and running through those nets you more points, too.

There's three "wishes" (your lives) per game, and once you run out of wishes, your game ends. The game totals your three individual scores for your overall score, which is the only thing you're trying to beat each time you play. Gameplay is smooth as butter, but I wouldn't expect anything less from Adult Swim.

The app description says tablets aren't supported, but it worked on my Thrive, just scaled up and pixelated. Point is, it still loaded.

Robot Unicorn Attack is only 99 cents, and for something so epic, I don't know why you wouldn't spend that money, especially to have your wishes come true. And remember, always I wanna be with you, and make believe with you, and live in harmony.

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Android Game Review: Robot Unicorn Attack


A friend of mine turned me on to the browser-based version of this some time ago. I got quite the kick of it. It isn't the type of game I can find myself playing repeatedly, but it was definitely worth checking out.

21MB??? Seriously?!?!

I don't mind dropping $0.99 for the hell of it, but I won't support this until their programmer get a fricken clue.

People complaining about app size really crack me up.

If there is 21MB of code in the app, than there is 21MB of code in it...period. You can't make a 21MB game only take 1kb just to please people who have old or mid-range phones with low storage. Does the app not move to SD or something?

That's Widgetlocker. There are THOUSANDS of sliders to choose from over @ XDA or you can make your own.

The Erasure soundtrack cracks me up. Perfect medium for this song and the unicorn. Love to play it this upcoming football season during halftimes. Lol. The game itself gets pretty interesting. Glad you reviewed the paid version.

My problem with Adult Swim is after ignoring Android forever, they ported one game, promised a video app in May. And then forgot all about Android again..