Nexus 7 recovery

Willter12 asks in the Nexus 7 forums,

I have read that a hard reset is activated by:

  1. Turn off.
  2. Hold vol up/vol down/power on
  3. Select Recovery using vol buttons and press power button
  4. After several minutes, screen with red triangle will appear
  5. Hold volume up and press return for menu to make hard reset

All goes well til #4. Here I get blank screen showing "Google" and it never moves into the red triangle picture and just freezes. I have waited over 20 minutes for the boot into recovery menu and nothing happens.

Have I missed a step or is something wrong? If onboard recovery process is broke is there a way to fix it? I would like to have access to hard reset should something dire go wrong.

No I am not rooted nor have I tried to root and have only loaded apps at this point. Everything else is working fine and this appears to be an excellent device.

Thanks for any advice....

You read right, willter12. But it happens that there's a bit of a bug and you won't be able to follow those standard directions with the Nexus 7. Amend them with an extra step -- plugging the tablet into your computer. Once you are at the bootloader screen, you can't move on to recovery unless there's a connection on the USB port. Plugging it into the wall won't work, but the computer you use doesn't have to have the SDK or Fastboot set up on it, it just needs to be turned on. Change your steps to read like so:

  1. Turn off.
  2. Hold vol up/vol down/power on
  3. Plug the tablet into the USB port on a computer
  4. Select Recovery using vol buttons and press power button
  5. After several minutes, screen with red triangle will appear
  6. Hold volume up and press return for menu to make hard reset

It's inconvenient, we agree. But at least it's fairly easy to work around since the computer requires no set-up. As you mention, this is important for everyone -- not just those that live to hack. 

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mikec8785 says:

Thanks Jerry! FYI this is also needed to boot into a custom recovery via bootloader.

Chocoburger says:

Thanks J-dawg for the tip!

willter12 says:

After step 3 when i plug it into my laptop if freezes and i can no choose recovery mode

Chocoburger says:

lol, Jerry's work is never done it seems!

ichibanrei says:

Same issue here. I'm going to RMA my Nexus 7 and I wanted to reset it before I send it. No good. Right after I select recovery, I plug it in, and it freezes. How many minutes should it take after hitting power? I tried hitting power first then plugging, it goes to the Googles splash screen and sits... Still sitting...

herbstoller says:

Same problem. Any solutions? BTW, I need to do a reset after downloading the Amazon Market and giving permission. Not longer boots into 4.1. Did this cause the problem?

Trandz#CB says:

same problem

Felias says:

Same problem i'm afraid. I see the Google-logo but nothing else. And i got there by accident, as i was pushing the Nexus into a sleeve and the buttons apperently got pressed. I hope i can find a way to get back to normal without a hard reset.

I guess i now have to wait until the battery runs dry...

Edit: Pressed the power button for a long time, and it did restart back to normal, Yay!

crxssi says:

Excellent answer, Jerry. Strange that the wall charger is not enough.

LostOcober says:

I'm having the same issue with my GSM Galaxy Nexus. No options in Recovery Mode. Nexus only has softkeys though so I can't hit return to display the menu. Anyone know of any other options? I'm stock, no root.

gr1fter says:

I just got my Nexus 7 last night. Loaded my apps and even watched part of a movie. Then i shut it down for the night ... (cue groans ... big mistake)

This morning, i couldn't get in with my Google password. Is that a bug too? I can login to my Gmail just fine. Its the same account used to set up the Nexus 7. Isn't this whole synchronicity thing supposed to make things easier?

I haven't called Google Support yet. I tried all the hard reset options mentioned in the forums and all over, but no luck. If its plugged in a USB port, I can't navigate to Recovery Mode (pushing buttons have no effect). If its not plugged in, I'm stuck with the Google logo after going to Recovery Mode.

This is a serious, serious problem. I don't want to return the Nexus 7, I want this to work. Hope to see alternative solutions here soon.

vcolborn says:

Is there any resolution to this hard reset problem? I am returning my N7 for replacement and want to wipe it clean. Is there any other alternative If the hard reset isn't working on here?

chaddadiah says:

Mine also freezes as soon as I plug it in. If I have it plugged in when I do step 1, it stays frozen. I've tried both from the wall charger and to my usb port.


jrldroid says:

For the Hard reset to work you need the latest nexus7 drivers from google installed on your PC not the default microsoft ones. Only then will you be able to use the menus to select recovery mode when plugged into your PC.

ariefz says:

what do u mean by "Hold volume up and press return...."?

I'm able to see the red triangle.
But by (keep)pressing volume-up button, i couldn't see any sign of "press return".
And the tablet just dies(off) after 2 minutes.

any advice?

valapsp says:

You need to have the tablet connected to your PC and then hold the volume up and power button at the same time. (There is no "Return" button)

Just press and hold the power button and then press volume up gently and release both the buttons to see a recovery menu ... if you keep pressing both buttons for a longer time it will reboot instead of entering the recovery mode