A detailed changelog for Android 4.4.3, a.k.a. KitKat Maintenance Release 2, has hit the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). And lurking within are tantalizing references to upcoming AOSP targets — likely future Nexus devices — alongside current products like the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7. First up, the widely-rumored HTC-built Nexus tablet could be in development under the codename "Flounder." And a Google Android TV-powered set top box also appears to be in the works, and codenamed "Molly."

From Google's own changelog —

project device/google/molly/
e610c57 Set BT minor code to SET_TOP_BOX instead of HIFI.

project device/htc/flounder/

Nexus devices — both phones and tablets — have used fish-related codenames in the past, so "Flounder" would fit the pattern that's been established over the past few years. As for "Molly," the reference to a set top box seems to suggest some kind of companion device to bring the new Android TV UI into homes through a FireTV-like box. There are also mentions of files for DRM, such as Discretix ReadyPlay, which support the idea of the box being a media-centric device. And references to code from NVIDIA being included in "Molly" builds suggest the box may be powered by a hardware from the graphics-centric chipmaker. Elsewhere, an AOSP change spotted by Droid-Life seems to mention HTC's "Flounder" in the context of it being a Tegra device.

With Google I/O coming up in just over a month, there's a good chance we could see these two devices in San Francisco at Google's annual developer conference, so hopefully we won't have too long to wait for an official look at "Flounder" and "Molly." In the meantime, hit the Android Central forums and share your thoughts on HTC's possible return to the Nexus fold, and Google's upcoming living room venture.

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Source: AOSP via XDA, Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Android 4.4.3 changelog outs new Nexus devices: HTC 'Flounder' and Google's 'Molly' set top box


This is very exciting!

Vote for an android set top box with a Chromecast like casting option.

O yeah, the the tablet will be awesome too. I just hope it is reasonably priced.

8.9" at $300 would be sweet, it'd be hard to justify upgrading from a year old N7 but dang, 8.9"would've been my preferred form factor all along.

2K ?.. 8.9" ? AND only $299.00 ???
The only weakness I see is the Tegra 4/5 Engine.. ( At least for proper AOSP support ) Stick with a Snap-805 / Adreno-330 combo and a 7 - 8k Battery in there and you really would have something.. From what I remember reading, Tegra / Nividia based Engines are not the most popular.. and prone to freezing, overheating etc.. we shall see at Google I./O what the Real Deal is.

Cool. Never knew that Nexus devices were named after fish. The nexus 7 (2013) is the first and only nexus I've ever had. Isn't the nexus 7 2013 called flo?
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My VZW galaxy nexus was codenamed Toro and I know Maguro was another.. so some were types of sushi as well.

Gaaahhhh!! Why did I click I think that Google would have been better off using Mullet instead of Molly, after hearing that trash.

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Good Golly Miss Molly, sure like to ball
When you're rocking and rolling
Can hear your mama call

From my Note 2 to you

Tegra K1 powered Google-Made set-top box with Valve porting over HL2, TF2, Portal 1+2, DOTA2, CS:Source?

My reading of the changelog is that the Marvell chip (8797) is for radio stuff (Wifi, BT), not the SoC powering the whole box.

Your right! I need to stop reading android police stuff first lol.

If it has a tegra in it, I'm buying, otherwise my chromecast works fine.

via moto x.

I'm more excited to see more NVIDIA Tegra devices. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not a fan of a single chipmaker commanding the bulk of the market at all. It's like the whole Intel thing all over again for the PC market. When one chip manufacturer dominates a certain segment like this, it will create a huge gap where the smaller players will never catch up so I'm more excited to see another chip manufacturer like NVIDIA building high end chips for the mobile embedded market.

Though the thing I'm anticipating the most here really is Android 4.4.3, release it already Google, stop teasing us.

NV alienated most of it's partners by overselling past Tegras which were often inferior to the competition in several ways tho... Not sure what's up with Samsung's own SoCs, that should realistically be Qualcomm's biggest competition, in phones and tablets anyway.

A15 is also pretty power hungry so chip makers that haven't re-engineered ARM's designs (read: mostly everyonebutt Qualcomm and Apple) have been at a disadvantage. A lot of this would be irrelevant on a set top box tho...

Anyway, the ARM SoC market is much MUCH bigger than just phones and tablets and Tegra seems to be selling ok (at least according to NV's fiscal report) despite the lack of big consumer facing design wins.

eh, that is the common misconception. Every chipmaker has used the A15, but your not wrong its inefficient- but thats not just an nvidia problem. Plus, they are fixing with their custom denver SoC. the new A15 devices use the HPM process which is more efficient.

Yes!!! Finally... I've been waiting for the new GoogleTV so I can replace me Logitech revue!!

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If this thing has the Tegra K1 graphics, a reasonable price tag, and decent on board storage, I may just have to pick one up!

Let's hope the set top box is priced to sell like the Chromecast! Between $35-85 and I will buy asap ;)

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Dr Evil says: I just hope the device doesn't... flounder eh Number 1? Muahaha!! Muahaha!! MUUAAHHAHAHAA!!!!! *COUGH *COUGH* COUGHHHHHHH!! FRIKNSHEESH!.... muahaha.
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Has anybody mentioned that it might be called flounder because the HTC One (M8) has two cameras on one side. Kind of like how a flounder has two eyes on one side.

" "Flounder" would fit the pattern that's been established over the past few years."

Flounder = to struggle clumsily or helplessly

We'll played Alex.

That's what I was thinking exactly. HTC floundering the last few years. ... despite releasing a couple great phones... fitting.
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I'm trying to get a hold of that 4.4.3 change log but its not where to be found, any suggestions?

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If the tablet is just an 8" HTC M8.....I'd be all over this.

Dual front facing speakers, superb metal build, gorgeous LCD screen....could be the perfect tablet for me.