Android 4.2 camera  Android 4.2 camera

That awesome camera app, as well as the new Gallery we saw from the upcoming Android 4.2 release  can now be installed on your Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.1.1.

There's still a bug in the photosphere portion, but dmmarck, the fellow working in it, says he has some ideas and will continue to look at things for a fix.

Be sure to visit the forum thread for the full instructions, as this one needs a bit of hackery to install. 

Source: Android Central forums


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Android 4.2 gallery and camera ported to Galaxy Nexus


I don't think he "built it." Most likely just pulled it from an early system dump. The Gesture Type keyboard was also leaked and everyone is running it on their devices. Just about every Android blog covered it today.

It's Java, binery will work on everywhere as long all API is on, even if something missing it would close when try to use it.

Not to mentionwestill dont know if theres new API level, but should be as there multi-user support

just tried it, and im not a fan. When you do the press and hold to change settings your thumb is over top of the actual settings and it can make it hard to see them especially the ones on the bottom right, because you've got your entire thumb in the way now. Also, if you hold down to close to the edge some of the settings go off the screen and get cut off. Being able to access the options from anywhere on the screen WOULD have been a good idea if you are able to actually pick your finger up from the glass, because as soon as you do the menu goes away, and with the way its setup it would be nice to be able to pick your finger up and actually see all the settings without having to look around your finger.

you can although, access the settings the old way in the bottom corner, the press and hold thing though isn't done very well.

Works pretty good on my HTC Sensation with CM10 as well, only photosphere gives a force close

We have fixed Photosphere. The only bug with it? Can't view the files unless loaded to G+. I'm working on it, but alas, at "work" now :).

Any chance to port this to LG devices? I'm using LG Nitro HD with CM10 Nightly build 10302012. I installed this and the gallery works but the camera force closes as soon as I open it. Yes I wiped gallery data and cache.

Everything's working now, except the elusive hdr setting/filter. And it can be put on most any phone with 4.1.2 - just requires a build.prop edit to galaxy nexus.