Verizon Nexus

Google has posted the IMM76K factory restore image for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus online, making it available for those who have hacked their device beyond repair and need a path back. Using the posted files, anyone who was able to flash custom software to their Nexus should be able to flash the official  version, and be back to square one -- ready to do it all over again. Do note that like the Sprint versions, these are provided "for reference only" -- but still contain the files you would need to build the software from code yourself if that's how you roll. Grab the image at the link below.

Source: Google. Thanks everyone who sent this  in!


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Android 4.0.4 factory image for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus now available online


Are you talking about My Verizon Mobile? If so I just tried it to answer this question and I had no problem with it what so ever.

That's really weird it wouldn't work on a FACTORY rom from any reliable source such as Google, XDA, root wiki.... I would maybe download the image from Google and extract it using wugs galaxy nexus tool kit and than flash that to your phone and start back at square one because it should just work. I know with the latest update I don't need to even enter my password in any more even on Wi-Fi. Of course than use titanium backup to restore user apps only because restoring system apps and data can be funky especially if you have a modified rom. (Only restore system apps and data when coming back to the same exact rom to avoid problems) That is if you use titanium backup :-)

I've been running the CM9 nightlies. Is it worth flashing this, then going back to CM9? In other words, are there radio improvements or anything extra-ROM here that is superior to what the CM team has been working from?

You can go to XDA and get the current radios from this zip. This release was leaked a few weeks ago so the radios were packaged up by themselves .. they work fine with CM9 and I doubt you get anything by reverting to stock.

I managed to flash this a month ago - no root, no unlocked bootloader. It was my first time doing it, and it was a bit more advanced than I expected, but it worked flawless on the first try!

I'm glad that I flashed the same version as the OTA.