Let's just cut to the chase, shall we? We offered up a pair of Verizon HTC Droid Incredibles, and you guys delivered, submitting nearly 4,000 entries. But there can be only two winners. And they are:

  • Brettbrett: He can now get rid of his sorry LG dumb phone and buy his roommate a beer.
  • Gideion: So long as he promises not to swallow the thing. (Read his post.)

Congrats, gentlemen. And thanks, everyone, for entering. For sure this won't be our last giveaway, so stay tuned.

Update: Nearly forgot about Bluetooth headsets for the runners-up. Forum members okthirteen and Iananan just won themselves a Jawbone ICON. Congrats!


Reader comments

And the winners of the HTC Incredibles are ...


Wow cnote***, ur story is so sad... maybe u should have said something like ur a 40 year old virgin, and u would use it to get a life. LOL

Congrats!!! You all deserve it. Though my jealous won't allow me to COMPLETELY happy as it would have made an AWESOME present for my mom. LOL

My name is Brett. Is that close enough? I also have long hair like "brettbrett" and had one of those LG dumb phones 3 years ago :)