Now that it's leaked, HTC's gone and released the full thing. Enjoy.


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And here's the full, high-res HTC Robert Downey Jr. commercial


Pretty bad IMO. I actually didn't even finish watching. Nothing that makes you want to go and buy HTC

its not bad but here is the problem with this ad. lets say someone watch this ad and S4 ad and goes to buy a phone, he/she would go to store and ask for S4 or ???????

show ads for the phone and its automatically an ad for the company and its brand

HTC is trying to sell their brand, not a phone. The more you can get a person to think about your brand, the more likely they'll at least think of you when options come along. Imagine the average Joe watching this ridiculous commercial, then in the next couple of weeks they go in to buy a phone. Well they've seen the adverts for the S4, but they see the name HTC in the store they'll think back to the commercial. They'll wonder about their phones and take a look. it's like any other advertising, but instead of focusing on a single phone, they're focusing on themselves. Here's a question who here remembers the frogs on TV? how long did you think of said brand when you heard frogs or saw frogs? a simple commercial that ran for 6 months and years later people still remember the Budweiser beer frogs.

just my 2 cents.

You hit the nail on the head. It's marketing 101. They have done a great job with this commercial. It's not designed to make sense, it's designed to make you remember HTC. People who see this will start trying to think up their own words for HTC and there is the marketing at work.

But the problem is that this ad would actually make me change the channel or go do something during the break. I see it as one of those annoying ads.

At least Samsung ads are kinda "funny". Samsung ads also have the sequel appeal. You start hearing the Samsung ad music and you turn to see what they have this time. And I'm not a Samsung fan by any means if you are wondering.

I admit that Samsung has a done a good job of comparing the S series to the iphone but that is it. Their ad tells me nothing about anything other than that specific phone. The HTC ad hasn't even hit the street yet and it's already working because we are talking about the company due to this ad.

Yeah but this is the first of what a two year deal with him? Not to mention the 'wonder what else the will come up with for HTC' factor

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Totally disagree. More people know that the Samsung phones can do things like bump pictures which will sell more phones than one that mentions the HTC brand name.

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Marketers who try to get too cute but fail to drive value fail at their task. Its the same nonsense that companies like Microsoft blow money on because they want to appear intelligent when what they should be doing is keeping things simple. Simple doesn't mean dumbing down it means easy to understand.

Yeah but Budweiser already had brand recognition so they could afford to play around with ads like that. HTC on the other hand is in a financially critical position. They can ill afford to spend time wasted on such ads when they find themselves in a precarious financial position. They need to find a way to sell HTC Ones with an urgency. They need to get the customer to go into the store TODAY and choose the HTC One instead of an iPhone or Samsung. Today. How does this ad give HTC the edge when the customer walks into the store. Give HTC Budweiser's deep pockets and we'll do whimsical ads.

You do know HTC was the first android phone on the scene right? to say they don't have money to play around with is silly. they're phone is in the top 5 picks for phones AND now that Samsung and google are moving the way of locked bootloaders while HTC from their own website offers "dev" unlocking I imagine you're going to see a shift in market sales at least in the modding community. HTC like AMD will find their niche in a specialized market and look how well AMD is doing, they own ATI and are working on some of the fastest and cheapest processors on the market.

Anyway, to the point, how does this ad give HTC the edge? Well using a big name like Robert gives consumer visibility, the whimsical nature will get people to at least watch it once, they use their name over and over and over again in the ad to sink the name in. When a person walks into the store they'll see the logo and laugh a little to themselves, it's all about burning a brand into the brain.

case in point: Da da da da da! I'm lovin' it!

I just lol'd so hard at that! But you see what the ad did? You thought it would be fun to do a spinoff of what they did. sneaky sneaky ad huh?

WTF did I just watch?!

Robert...please...please...leave HTC and the money behind. This is the kinda stuff that destroyed careers.

That was so convoluted and stupid that it should be killed with a flamethrower!

Is a 90 second commercial is not going to destroy his career... is just suppose to be stupid humor

Joshua Jordan

It's just silly enough to work. It's different and off the wall. It's entertaining while making little to no sense which means the general public will love it. It will do what it is designed to do. It will get people talking about HTC.

... as they walk into the store to pick up an iPhone or Samsung.
My sister just saw this ad and said "What the hell was that about? Are they gonna put that on TV?"
There's an example of the general public talking about it.

Nothing about that is going to work. Sorry but all that did was say HTC. Never zoomed in on the phone, didn't push any REASONS to buy one over an iPhone or Samsung and IMHO, didn't even push the point enough that they make phones!!! Horrible. Absolutely horrible.

I agree with you they are trying something different and Samsung fans trash the commercial, but if the copy Samsung commercials like LG did then Samsung paid fans would trash it for copying Wtf. I think the commercial is fine and it's only the beginning, at least they are spending money on advertising I hope for the sake of android it works cause android needs Htc, LG, Sony and Motorola not just Samsung that would be crazy boring if all we had to chose from was Samsung phones.

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Would be more funny to see ZTE do this... Only more difficult I guess!

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He wasn't signed on to do iron man, probably would have been better though, this was terrible.

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Umm...didnt do anything for me...would be better with Iron Man whipping out an HTC One and making a call while shooting flaming lasers!

Eh...better than the Bill Gates and Seinfeld commercials, but along those lines. HTC needs real leadership. So, a new CEO, new Ops guy/gal, and new Marketing chief. Established people that make good choices. This is just - goofy.

Steven Sinofsky would be PERFECT.

It's different, but it's going to get people talking. It's not intended to be serious.... It's intended to stick with people. I think that's what these commercials will do. It stands out from the crowd.

The posts here are seriously


This isnt rocket science and it is a better than "Quietly Brilliant". If you do not like it you really do not


And click the link or buy the phone. The commercial is a starting point so it is but some people just

to the

No these parts the HaTeC movement is normal from the update tarts, SD Card monsters, anti-aluminum advocates, and fast swap removable battery fairies. Just kidding. I'm sure not everyone will get it, but anything is better than what they've been trying in the past.

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You just basically summed up the feeling of the general public based on the febil sales of the HTC One over the last 4 months of its existence.
Went to the store and

a device other than the One.

You would think if it was something HTC was proud of or was very high,HTC would have given us official numbers. Just saying.

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When I first saw this, I was thinking wtf is this? Then I remember that guy's facial expression when he'd heard "huge tinfoil catamaran". I think none of it was suppose to make any sense and it all seems odd and random. I found this to be goofy, quirky, and more focused on the HTC brand name instead of their products. Not your typical commercial, but I'm curious to see how this pans out.

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Your right but that is reminiscent of the Galaxy line. Lots of focus was on Galaxy while showing off and mentioning whatever phone they were touting. The point was to drive home "Galaxy" more than anything.

True. Unfortunately I'm guessing that HTC isn't a common brand compared to Samsung. So they probably are in a situation where they can't rely solely on the product and hope it brings more attention to the HTC name.

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Right on. Mostly what I was saying but I guess I didnt make myself clear enough. It is a bit


But at least you and I got it

My first thought was: "What the hell?" then I watched it again 2 more times just to make sure what I watched actually happened. Then I found myself laughing at my desk. Specifically when they change the music at the troll carwash and all 4 guys started dancing in place. Dunno why but it just made me laugh. That made it worth it for me.

Reminds me of when LG rebranded to "Life is Good" from LUCKY GOLDSTAR. Lets make that turd nice and shiny!

That commercial was pretty bad. It was a failed attempt at humor and failed to hit the brand name.

I get it they wanted people to start saying HTC and it worked to some degree, see the posts but the association was not too the phone maker.

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As a commercial to get people who haven't heard of HTC to find out more about HTC it's pretty good. It's basically like a teaser trailer rather than a proper ad. Everybody here already knows who HTC is. The ad isn't aimed at us so is r essentially useless. Looking forward to seeing more from the campaign though.

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The public knows what HTC is. When the HTC Evo came out it was heavily marketed and became the best selling Android device in history at that time. HTC is a mystery to noone. HTC has had devices that sold decently since. Last year they had the Evo LTE which was highly regarded. This year the One has been available since spring and it's been advertised on TV and print. Everyone has seen the nightly HTC ad with the band playing with its back to the crowd. HTCs have been sitting on store counters for years and customers see them when they go phone shopping. HTC is no mystery to the public. The public has just chosen other devices.

Since HTC stopped disclosing their sales numbers (per device), which devices sold "decently"? As for the public knowing about HTC are you speaking for the NA market or other global markets?

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You sir are so wrong my wife has the Htc one and when people see it they ask if it's a galaxy.? When she tells them no its an Htc they give her a puzzled look but give the phone some great comments like they like the way it looks and like the display.

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Good start. It's entertaining. Troll music change was funny. I guess it depends on where the go from here. Obviously they want people to think "HTC." Nothing better than a bunch of play on words. I'm sure they'll eventually settle on "One."

Samsung/Apple/Motorola already have strong brands.

"HTC's gone" is right! This commercial didn't even make me crack a smile (and I'm a huge RDJ fan!). I just don't see how this is going to help. Then again, I'm not a typical consumer (see my username).

HTC has a winner here... Why? you are all Talking about it!!!!!! That was the point create something people will talk about, like or dislike their name is out there and a topic of discussion. Hell the local news talk radio was talking about the ad and they did not have pay to get their name on the radio.

Yeah people talking about how awful a commercial is really makes me wanna rush to the store. You were being sarcastic, right?
I can hear HTC leaders talking "Our financials are in a tailspin that we might not recover from. I think our best bet to dig ourselves out of near bankruptcy is to create a commercial that has NOTHING to do with the HTC One and make certain people are talking about it, but negatively. We want to confuse the public. Sales are sure to pour in based on that tactic! Fuck commercials that actually show how the device works. That's old school now! Success!"

Got to hand it to HTC. I didn't think it was possible to make a commercial that was worse than Samsung and Microsoft.

first Beats and Dr. Dre, then Zuckerberg, and now RDJ. boy this Chou is a real starf*cker. he sure likes pissing away shareholder money rather than innovating.

why hasn't he resigned yet???

do you hear me Chou??????????????????????

and how long will that last??? Ohhh not very long lets look at RDJ who was a strung out drug addict and look what happened to him...

Out of all the stuff at the end, the giant wall of HTC's. Did anyone figure out any of them? All I got was...

Hog-Tied Clown
Hot Teen Cheerleaders (I doubt that was what they were going for on that one)

Anything else?

Really HTC should spend the money and invest to get Ubuntu on board on HTC One smartphone to make it dual boot with Android. It would be a killer combination that no phone has in the world as of now. A genuine Samsung fighter!

It is bleeding time-effort-money on bland and non-funny commercials and wasting star power :(

Haters talk crap

To be honest it was a good commercial and did its job. If I never heard of HTC. I do now. And will remember because of RDJ and comedy.

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You're acting like a commercial will save your life.... No one watches them anyways. But for a commercial.... Its not bad. Commercial aren't movies and don't need critics.

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That's the problem. Everybody has already heard of HTC. HTC didn't just start selling phones this month. HTC One has been available since spring. Half the world bought the HTC Evo a few years back. Whoever is gonna buy the One has bought one. They'll sell a few when they come to verizon. But the cycle of life for the HTC One was over within 4 months. Robert Downey Jr can't change that.

Dafuq?? How did half the world buy the EVO if it was only available on Sprint? Amazing if ~2 billion managed to pull that off.

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Wait wait.. cycle of life eh? What is that? Is that the support life cycle, the timeframe until inventory is depleted, or when the OEM/carrier decides to pull the device off the market by the applicable means. Being that the largest US based carrier is about to launch the One, you might want to email them and let them know they're going too late. The cycle of life has expired and it is DOA.

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I think I would go look up what HTC is but I'm that type of person. The biggest factor if it is successful is how much do they spend on ad time actually making sure people see it. I've seen great commercials released online but never see them in real life.

Heres an idea HTC... How about releasing commercials on something call cable. People don't go on youtube to find you commercial. Oh and then, fire the guy in charge of making these. Such a great phone maker going to shit because of the morons they hire for marketing.

I am sure you will see it on TV, this was an early release because of the leak.

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It's not what they advertise or how they build it... it's not what they say or even how they say it... it is how they support the device with updates and fixes over the "I'm stuck with the crappy OS phone for the next two year" period BS; After all, in the end these phones look and act mostly like a dozen or so other phones... So....

H T C - Help The Customer (not your profit margin)
H T C - How abouT Caring (about your Customer's opinion)
H T C - Hell That's Crappy (way to act towards your Customer)

Happy Telephone Creatures ~ScottGeek (A previous owner of an HTC Rezound)

Really, brillant...
Maybe I'm outa this world... I won't by this High Tought Crap...
Stop being stupid... And believe everything you see on TV...
Get smarter, be a High Thinking Citizen...
And you'll the world i gonna change.
But now I have low hopes...

I think this works pretty well. They are tackling the issue of brand recognition with Apple and Samsung, and I think this hits the spot in an amusing way.

They need to follow up with some product commercials though. This won't be enough.

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Anyone else catch the Hungarian Tuba Champion in the final part of the commercial? HAHA the tuba nerd in me is happy.

A lot of you don't even realize it, you may hate it, but you already fell for the ad. I mean you are already making up acronyms for HTC, be it good or bad.

I pressed play on this commercial, prepared to hate it after reading on another blog about the doom and gloom that awaits HTC. However, after watching the whole video, I actually thought it was kind of fun and cool. Sure, the HTC One had a couple of cameos, but it wasn't about the HTC One. It was about HTC, and the commercial is a manifestation of them realizing it doesn't matter how good their phones are if no one is acquainted with their brand. Samsung can stamp a brick with their name and sell more of them than HTC has sold with its 'One' model. The average consumer doesn't come to blogs like this to learn about phones, but they'll go see RDJ.

Wow that was absolutely terrible, I had to force myself just to get through it

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Please HTC, can I be paid millions of dollars to create the concept for your next incredibly stupid, pointless commercial? It'll be really stupid, I promise!

The only people who will enjoy this commercial are Ben Ho and Chou Chou. I can see them horse laughing and slapping each other on the back (and then slapping each other on the ass in private)

Hard to believe the HTC One didn't do more for HTC's financials and now they are spending more money on this?

As was stated, this commercial was not designed to sell a single phone, but brand a company. It not only did that, but the "Here's To Change" leaves the watcher wondering what they will do next. I image most everyone, including those that did not like the commercial came up with more than one HTC backronym. Like or hate it all you want to, but it accomplished it's purpose if you did. By itself this will not improve the bottom line of the company, but as a campaign it can. When they do place an ad in front of customers that show off this phone or that phone, the brand awareness will be greater than it currently is.

It is just as critical for a struggling company to brand itself as it is for a successful one. Just as it's critical to show why your product is what I want. If I was HTC I'd do a mixture of the two. In the serious, here's what our awesome phone does adds, I'd end it with the HTC logo displaying multiple backronyms ending with Here's To Change.

It's a good idea. They are changing from quietly brilliant to in your face brilliant. I think it's a good move. Of course not everyone is going to like it. That's why there isn't just one brand of phone with one OS on one carrier.

Holy Taco Cart Batman! Look at all these tasty backronyms! Haha, I couldn't resist.

Hair Tainted Cola, High Tech Chickens, Hell's Tickle Corpses, Heroic Turtle Cannons, Highly Talented Children, Horribly Tasting Cake, Hemorrhaging Tail Capillaries, Honorable Temple Cockroaches. . .

I like the ad. Didn't really get it the first time around I'll admit. But if HTC's new tagline is Here's to Change, I applaud them for that alone. Quietly Brilliant just didn't cut it.