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Gameloft has kicked off their Thanksgiving / Black Friday sale by cutting the price of a handful of their titles down to a buck.

First up is The Amazing Spider-Man, an action game based on the latest movie. You can see our full review over here. Then there's Gangstar Rio, the "homage" to the popular open-world GTA games. Then there's BackStab, which mixes up 3D platforming and stealth action with a pirate-flavored twist. If you're looking for something a little more lighthearted, The Adventures of Tintin offers fast-paced action that's suitable for the young'uns. Finally, the sci-fi shooter N.O.V.A. 3 is also on sale, though you've got to get it through the Amazon Appstore.

So, anything catching your eye? Seeing any other solid Android game sales for Black Friday? 


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Amazing Spider-Man, Gangstar Rio, and other Gameloft titles on sale for Thanksgiving


Well I just bought the Backstab game. It looked really nice. But it shuts down every time I press "Ok" when it asks if I want to download the data. I am using a Galaxy S3. Just a heads up! =D

Ive never spent more than a buck for gameloft games. Ive got a lot of them and they are all pretty good. Was waiting for spiderman to drop.

Looks like my friends at Frima Studios gave up;

Their "Nun Attack" (which globally had quite good reviews when it was released less than a month ago) is now free. (prev. 0.99$)

They are still in the 1000-5000 downloads bracket..
That really doesnt represent a lot of money..(dont forget Google gets 30%).., plus a couple cents/dollars a month starting now. That's all the studio gets for its game.
How much do you think it costed them?

Now guess if they will still bother to release their games on the Android platform.
This is not good at all.

That's too bad, it's hard to get your game out there in the public eye in such an overcrowded market. But Nun Attack was recently referenced here for the App of the Week, I saw the video, but I didn't look too interesting to me. Seemed like an action RTS.