Flash Player 10.1

Finally out of beta, Adobe has pushed the official build of Flash 10.1 to the Android Market for Nexus One devices.  After a string of beta builds, the application is finally stable enough for Adobe and you'll be able to download directly from the Market (or upgrade to it if you're using one of the betas) from your Nexus One. 

Motorola Droid users will soon be able to download Flash from the market as well, but no word on how the HTC Evo or Droid 2 are going to be able to upgrade to the final build just yet.  We'll let you know as soon as we do!


Reader comments

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 now final for the Nexus One


Whats so Nice about it??

The thing grew by 2 megs and STILL NO MOVE TO MicroSD !!!!

The N1 is not the roomiest phone in the world. Some of these monsters have to move onto the card.


(Howling at the Masters of Bloatware is bound to get me nothing, but I can't resist).

Congrats N1 owners you won't be disapointed been viewing the full web experience on my desire for a while now and wondered how I ever put up with the poor excuse of a wartered down experience now and could never go back that's for sure.

Hmm... on my Evo 4G, my Appbrain app shows that the update is available, but the market place link doesn't work.


Uh....didn't it come on FroYo? That's what Google, Adobe and others say. I downloaded the "highlight film" from the marketplace (that says it's not the player and that you have to have the player to see it). Clicked on it, and it's playing.

I only use the Flash player "On Demand" but the few Flash pages I've launched have even WORSE performance than the beta.

Is anyone sure this isn't a debug compiled version? Its bigger and slower, and even crashed the browser once.

The update shows up in the Market on my Evo with Fresh Rom. Though it wouldn't install until I uninstalled the old version with Titanium Backup.

How's this different than the Flash 10.1 that came with the EVO's update to Android 2.2? I'm able to view Amazon Video On Demand content with no trouble.. so what gives?

I like to watch Seinfeld episodes at TBS.com and with this latest release audio and video now stay synced even after pausing the video. That was always a bug that bothered me. Everything seems smoother with this latest Flash player version, imo.

Thank you Google and Adobe!!