AdMob Q4 2009 stats

Another quarterly report from AdMob, another major climb for Android. The Q4 2009 numbers show that AdMob (which serves mobile advertising) fed nearly twice as many Android devices in the United States as it did in the third quarter, up to 27 percent (from 14 percent in Q3). Other bullet points:

  • Leading the way for Android in the U.S. in December was the Motorola Droid, with 11.3 percent of all U.S. requests. The Dream (G1) was next at 8.3 percent, followed by the Hero at 4.2 percent, the Motorola Cliq at 3.4 percent, the Magic at 3.2 percent and the Droid Eris at 2.2 percent. The Samsung Moment had 1.1 percent.
  • As it stands, Android had seven of the top 10 smartphones for the final month of the year and had 36 percent of U.S. ad requests. Also making the list were the iPhone (No. 1), BlackBerry Curve 8300 (No. 5) and Palm Pre (No. 8).
  • The U.S. made up 48 percent of December's 11.5 million requests.
  • Worldwide, Android made up 19 percent of ad requests.
  • HTC had 11 percent of worldwide ad requests, followed by Motorola at 8 percent and Samsung at 1 percent.

Check out the full report at AdMob. (pdf link) It should be noted that Google, which owns and develops Android, is in the process of purchasing AdMob. That deal is currently awaiting FTC approval.


Reader comments

AdMob: Android numbers nearly double again


Android is going to be just below iphone in the next couple of quarters. The only thing that the new iphone is suspected to have is a dual-core processor, that is something that does seem atractive. But with the super line-up of android to come it can hold its own. Droid with a dual core processor would be a perfect phone (once 2.1 comes out of course).

I really hope dev's are noticing this. I notice that some devs like Beejive have commented that they're waiting for Android to "get some more marketshare first". Well, how about the number two slot?

Granted I know this isn't marketshare, but it does show a trend. The trend of.....where the money is. If you're a Blackberry or iPhone developer who's not porting around, you're a moron.

This is great. I'm so happy to see AD on the rise and taking off. Money aside, I hope that people are exploring and embracing the vision of Android as a medium for practicality and creativity.