Acer CloudMobile

Back during CES 2012 Acer showed off something called Acercloud, a new service from them much like Apple's iCloud services in the fact it will keep documents and media libraries in the cloud with sync being offered across their line of smartphones and tablets.

Jumping forward to the present, Acer apparently just won the iF Product Design Award for outstanding achievement in design with a AcerCloud enabled device called the Acer CloudMobile but the full details and specs surrounding the device are still pretty slim.

What we did learn though is that the Acer CloudMobile will be the first device coming equipped with AcerCloud services, it will be packing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in a body less then 10MM thick with a 4.3-Inch HD display and Dolby audio and to top it all off, it's expected to see a full unveiling at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. We'll see.

Source: Pocket Lint, iF Product Design


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Acer said to be bringing CloudMobile smartphone with Ice Cream Sandwich to Mobile World Congress


I'm liking the look of that thing. Getting kind of tired of all the completely rectangular phones.

Still, I would be a little timid to rely a great deal on a cloud service from a company like Asus or Acer (or any of the direct OEMs really.) Mostly because their longterm commitment to it is unknown.


The only thing I want to hear from Acer right now is an update on the upgrade schedule for the A100 and A500 ICS. So far they have shown no interest to stay connected with their customers as far as support to their products go, so why should we even bother with caring for another unsupported device from them?

Why is Acer offering a cloud service on an android device?

This is totally redundant, with google expected to break out a Cloud Service RSN.

This sounds like something from the Day Late and Dollar Short department.

Hey HTC. Take note!!! Why can't you come up with something like this. Better yet license it from Acer!!!

That is a sexy-looking phone! I'm guessing it'll have stock ICS with no crappy UI changes. If the rest of the specs are on par or better than the recent Android heavyweights (Galaxy Nexus, RAZR, Rezound), this'll be a real contender! least until Galaxy S3 comes out.

If it's anything like the quality of the Acer A500 it's going to be a winner period. I couldn't have been more impressed with that tablet.

This phone looks amazing and the kind of device an adult can carry with pride.
Shame I'm a brand snob and I only see them as a laptop manufacturer.