HTC Micro-USB Dual Car Charger

The latest addition to my Bentley BMW Civic is so simple, I'm not sure what took me so long to do it. It's the HTC microUSB dual-port car charger. One standard 12v outlet, one charger, two USB ports. It comes with one coiled microUSB cable that's perfect for connecting to a car dock, or for charging a phone directly. The coiled part of the microUSB cable's pretty tight, so it'll return to its original shape after multiple stretches. For short runs, like stashing a phone in a cup holder while it's charging, it's perfect.

And if you're like me and have more than one (or two or three) devices on hand, the second charging port becomes a lifesaver. No more having to choose which phone's going to be juiced up, and which will be left to suffer from battery envy. You're on your own to provide the second microUSB cable, though. Only one is included with the charger.

The HTC microUSB dual-port car charger is available for $19.95 in the Android Central Store. We've got more pics after the break.

HTC Micro-USB Dual Car ChargerHTC Micro-USB Dual Car Charger

HTC Micro-USB Dual Car ChargerHTC Micro-USB Dual Car Charger

HTC Micro-USB Dual Car Charger

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RC46 says:

Hey Phil, How many amps does each side put out?

Saiboogu says:

The pic shows 5V 1A on each output. The real question is whether the data pins are shorted to force AC charging rate. Ran into lots of chargers that skip that, leaving the phones to think they are on USB and charge at a lower rate.

pDoG says:

I got one from best buy with discount for like 3 dollars. IRS pretty nifty. My gf has an iPhone 4 and I'm charhinf my g2. Works great.

law2138#AC says:

Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. However, I think it should be titled HTC Dual USB Port charger w/ microUSB cable.

The reason why I think this is that I want a dual USB charger for my car, to charge my Inspire and my wife's iPhone. Its clear that the charger accepts any USB plug, but the important thing is whether it charges non-HTC devices using miniUSB or Apple's sync cable. Can this be used to charge a Blackberry too?

Let us know...thanks.

E_man says:

It's really guaranteed to work On any non-apple device, since everyone else uses a standard. Apple does some proprietary stuff, so it may or may not work.

icebike says:

Well it has standard USB jacks, so it should work on anything, no?
Even Apple.

mjneid says:

Same price as I'm really surprised guys. Well played on the pricing.

I've a similar one, twin USB charger for my car. Works wonders.

However i did find a single one for 5.99, @ Micro Center.

curvatura99 says:

My reply is for the absolutely cheapest usb charger on the web. They work really well.

galfert says:

That looks like junk on eBay. It's white ...yuck....and it has a clear blue cheap plastic looking face.

I'll stick to HTC for quality. You get what you pay for.

CR6 says:

You obviously live in a safer city than I do if you can leave your phone charging in your car, in the cup holder, while you're out for a jog! I live in a pretty safe city, but I would never leave my 500+dollar phone sitting in the console of my car without me sitting right next to it. (but that's just me) :)

briankurtz79 says:

I have an 8 year old Chevy and it has 2 ports. Thought most cars did now a days. No use for this.

galfert says:

Does your Chevy come with a "coiled" microUSB cable? This might be worth it just for that neat coiled cable.

galfert says:

Does your Chevy come with a "coiled" microUSB cable? This might be worth it just for that neat coiled cable.

ScottJ says:

"I have an 8 year old Chevy and it has 2 ports. Thought most cars did now a days. No use for this."

Actually, you probably do. Do you want to have to buy two separate 12V chargers, one for each device? Plus, this standardizes on USB meaning that you don't have to carry around so many different cables for different applications. Also, if you have two devices plugged into one card outlet, that frees the other outlet to be used for another device.

I bought a three-pack of similar devices by Marware ( for 9.77 awhile back on a deal a day site. These are high-quality and I've charged Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Nintendo DS's successfully with them.

galfert says:

I wish I could find the coiled microUSB cable separately :(

jnl813 says:

Wow Phil... you guys review Lighter Chragers now? LOL Slow news days huh...

Anyways for everyone else..its $3 for the same thing.

galfert says:

Uh...nope not the same thing....That thing is huge (realy long) and it is white..yuck!

The HTC is quality and really short and nicely blends in your dash because it is black.

BeefyDoc says:

My wife's Pilot has 2 ports in the front seats ,one in each of the middle and 3rd row seats. But with 3 kids and a total of 3 cell phones, 2 ITouches, 2 IPods, and 1 Tablet: we can use all the ports we can get while on road trips.

technomom says:

I like this idea. I have an inadequate 12V port splitter right now that just doesn't cut it, its lower powered split means that my Garmin nuvi loses its traffic signal and my Droid Incredible doesn't really juice up if I'm using it at all.

So I think I'll check this out.

One thing that kills me about my Honda Odyssey is the almost useless 12V port in the trunk. It's not like we do a whole lot of tailgating. it would be useful if I had say an 8 foot cable that my kids could use for their iCrap. Does anyone know of a good way to make the cigarette lighter port in the back into additional usable USB power for the middle seats?

eklisiewicz says:

According to the store, this does not work with my Droid X. I think that is wrong though. Shouldn't this work with any phone that has a compatible connector? It seems to me that even my iPod Touch could get charged with this.

jebel92677 says:

I bought this charger recently for my HTC Incredible2 but my b.f's iPhone3 does not work with this charger. Anyone has the same experience? He bought a generic brand car charger and that charges his iPhone fine. I wonder if the problem is on the HTC side or Apple's proprietary set up.
I'd appreciate any feedback.

khrysMi says:

Hi! got mine from amazon. it has 3 USB ports. works really well too..