HTC Legend

Here's an up-close look at the HTC Legend, the successor to the venerable Hero. An optical trackpad (under the thumb here) replaces the trackball, and it features Android 2.1 and the latest version of HTC's Sense user interface. The shell is carved out of a single piece of aluminum. More pics after the break.

HTC LegendHTC Legend

HTC LegendHTC Legend

HTC LegendHTC Legend

HTC LegendHTC Legend


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AC @ MWC: Hands-on with the HTC Legend


I don't like the color palet of the sense UI. I prefer the native android interface of the Nexus one. Sense is necessary to make Windows Mobile useful, but android?

One interesting thing to note about the Legend is that it's got a few new tricks up its Android sleeve. A "helicopter view" which is almost like Mac OS X's exposé means you can pinch the screen to view all the five Android homescreens, switching between the widgets easily.

A new FriendStream scrobbles all status updates. photos and links from your various social networking sites. Concepts:

Im a fan of SenseUI, it looks nicer than stock Android and the dark color scheme is nice. I've seen nice colorful themed versions of SenseUI if you don't prefer black.

No it's not needed like it is for WinMo, but it's a nice option to have and I hope to run SenseUI on my Nexus One soon.

Where is the successor to to G1? I want a top spec HTC Android phone with slide out qwerty keyboard!

Very nice but where are the Android phones that can store more than a few hundred MB of apps? All the HTC add ons and widgets in the world won't make me move off the iPhone until I can install as many apps as I want. Also I'm wondering if Verizon will get a phone like this or the stock Nexus one with that lame trackball. I have zero desire for some clunky physical keyboard so this phone, on Verizon would be pretty desirable from my point of view.

This one probably won't hit verizon, the Bravo or "Desire" may, which has nexus 1 stats, optical instead of trackball. That may interest you.

Rechargeable Lithium-ion polymer or Lithium-ion battery, can htc not decide which battery to use? what are the advantages of Rechargeable Lithium-ion polymer batteries over Lithium-ion batteries?

yes, it slides out of the unibody from the bottom... Does anybody have a clue on weather or not the software will allow speach recogition commands for text, making calls, and searching like the Nexus one has...