HTC Droid Incredible Exchange update

Attention, everyone with an HTC Droid Incredible who recently received an OTA updateAs we've previously said, it's a quick fix for problems with Microsoft Exchange e-mail. (See the giant official-looking picture above.) Yes, you might not actually use Exchange, but it's just quicker and easier to fix it for everybody. Besides you wouldn't want a broken phone, would you? [via Verizon]


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About that HTC Droid Incredible update


I'm sure it's my imagination, but my Incredible seems to be showing more bars next to the 3G on the status bar compared to what it was showing yesterday. Got the OTA last night around 1 a.m. The signal strength seems to be about the same so I'm thinking there was a fix for the number of bars that now show up along with the other Exchange problem that was repaired.

Anybody else see more bars now than yesterday?

I actually just setup my exchange email yesterday(before the update) and it worked awesome before. Not that I'm griping about this phone cause I love it, but really they need a patch to fix the poor poor call quality. Call quality so far has been fail. Storm 2 actually did this better. Nothing else, but phone calls it had a leg up on incredible :)

XD "Crippled" tag on a post about the Dell Aero... you're going to be ragging on Phil about that until Android dies because we all have Psionic implants that allow us to communicate telepathically thus eliminating the need for cell phones, aren't you?

...What, am I the only one who envisions that kind of future?

Yeah great update. Im using exchange for Gmail and since Ive updated I've recieved countless sync failures. It was fine before.

Again there is no love for us Droid Eris users. I would get the incredible but I just upgraded my phone as the store rep told me that the Eris would be getting a OS update. I still love Verizon but come on guys. Show some Droid Eris love.

I got the update but now my Calendar Widget is gone. And it doesn't even show up anywhere to add it back. Kinda irritated about that as I like the HTC calendar widget.

Try removing all your widgets and shortcuts from the homescreen, then clearing data under menu>>settings>>applications>>manage applications>>HTC Sense.
Then tap the home button, see if it shows back up.

All functions are working for me, been on exchange since day one and with this update, I haven't had any problems to speak of. All widgets are working, calendar is fine, contacts are there. Best phone I have had and my last one was the Verizon TouchPro 2.

I haven't noticed a difference except update time. This is a first from the over 100 devices that I have had or demoed that the Update literally took as long as the device took to reset!

I would love to hear feedback from those who have moved from an iPhone to the Incredible specificly. What is your take and Why the move? Let's hear it!

My SMS is still not working from the native app. It works from handcent but I'd prefer the HTC native SMS app. Everything else works on my phone.

I went from the iPhone to the Incredible. I had all 3 iPhones. Edge, 3g and 3gs. Have had the Incredible for 10 days now and have not looked back. The 1st thing I did was remove iTunes from my computer.
(Hate that app)

Much faster network then AT&T. Battery life was better on iPhone but the idea of swaping battery if needed is a plus. Just ordered a ext slim battery.

i have the oldest software for this phone and im going through hell just trying to update to all the new software and android updates. HTC said they cant help and verizon isnt helping at all so far. so I ask how i update to all the new bells n whistles and get out of this stone age?