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HTC One developer edition should see updates in the next few days, and Canada will follow by month's end

HTC America president Jason Mackenzie has taken to Twitter to deliver some news that plenty of folks have been waiting for. As we told you a while ago, HTC decided to halt the 4.2 rollout to HTC One phones and instead focus on getting 4.3 and the latest version of Sense pushed out. If things all go according to Mackenzie's prediction, folks using the developer edition should be seeing their updates in the next few days, and Canadian customers should have it by the end of the month.

Good news – the latest Sense experience & Android 4.3 will push to One Dev Edition owners this week & One customers in Canada by month end.

There was no word on the European and international models, but our prior correspondence with HTC has said they will be getting an update to Android 4.3 along with an even newer build of Sense in the near future. Of course, if you're in the US and have a carrier branded model, you've got an extra layer of waiting in the mix. Hopefully, we'll hear good news from the carriers soon.

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HTC One Android 4.3 update coming to dev. edition this week, Canada next month


Hopefully it gets sent out to U.S. carriers soon before 4.4 gets announced and we get skipped over again.

If you are referring to the US unlocked model, I guess it will be available this week as well. The only difference with the Dev edition is the storage capacity, they have the same MID (Model ID) and CID (Carrier ID).

If I'm wrong, someone please correct me.

The dev edition having an unlocked boot loader is different enough. The unlocked model is just for multiple carriers. Different firmware but not necessarily meaning that they both won't get the update.

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Been on 4.3 with nexus for like a month. When is it coming for my s4 unlocked? Or should I just root and ROM now?

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I'm not sure about US but carriers in Canada already started to tell us that testing is on the way and we should receive the update late September. As the one that we have here is very similar to the One that is on AT&T, it should not be much longer for you guys!

Without a leak of the firmware in the first place it may be a long road before we get a fully-working 4.3 ROM. So no need to root, you'll get the latest and greatest (MAYBE, as of now there's no 4.3 ROMS for the Sprint variant) but it'll be riddled with little bugs that will overall lessen the experience.

Sprint has till the end of September to get that 4.3 update out or I'm rooting mines too, and unlock everything.

It is a mistake by the author. Rogers and Telus already posted on their respective website that we should receive the update by the end of september.

Is Samsung any better?

I'm more disgusted that 4.4 is coming 4 or whatever months after 4.3 came out. Way too quick.

If that were totally true then the non carrier branded international versions would have the update already.

"According to @LlabTooFer, we will see the US versions of the HTC One get the Android 4.3 update with Sense 5 soon. After this happens, International versions should prepare for the Android 4.3 with Sense 5.5 update. After the release of the HTC T6 (the HTC One Max), all HTC Ones, the Butterfly S and the One Mini will see Sense 5.5 with the 4.3 update. Specifically mentioned as not getting the 4.3 update were the HTC One S (all variants) and the HTC EVO LTE on Sprint."

Android Central - 'Insider says 4.3 coming for US-based HTC One soon, more info for Europe' 09/09/2013

Are you sure about that ask Samsung s3 and note2 owners in Canada what version there running? S3 is on 4.1.1 and note 2 is 4.1.2 not to mention the s4 is on 4.2.2 still.

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Wrong again bob. HTC has the best update record. And is that why HTC is having its phone updated to 4.3 before the comp? You are a daft twat.

It's all the same, so yes. Except for Sprint, some extra stuff I never looked into has to be done with it being CDMA and whatnot.

I myself am on the 3.17 base 4.3 right now. Super smooth as butter.
I hope this update truly fixes the degrading low light purple camera issues.
Otherwise I'll have to warranty replace this phone.

You think US carriers will update soon? NOPE. All they care about for the next few months is the iPhone.

Put your money where your mouth is. People love to spout of predictions on the net but when their prediction is wrong they are nowhere to be seen. Why is that?

There's an AT&T 4.3 Sense leak that is very good, and I've been running it on my phone for over a week with no issues. It's gotta be close.

I was looking forward to the update, but it doesn't sound like that will be happening any time soon for my carrier model. I guess this is another reason why the developer edition is worth its upfront full price.

What are the chances of US carriers skipping 4.3 updates, like 4.2 was bypassed, if KitKat is released in October?

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Nope, you will get kit Kat in 8 months.

This will continue going on till the manufacturer grows some balls like Apple.


The carriers and the OEM are not really to blame. The problem that we have is that Google releases its software to the OEM wayyyyyy too late. They don't get the new software a lot before it's announced so it takes a while for them to make sure their skins is working perfectly with the new software. The advantage that Apple has and the reason why it can update all it's phone as soon as the update is ready is that they don't have to wait for the software to add any skin, they create the whole thing... If you want the software as soon as it's released, there are 2 solutions Nexus or rooting.

Another long awaiting game with HTC no matter the hardware I would never by another device from them until I see drastically change in their update timeframe and when they hire more and better employees

But it never fails when it comes to HTC , yes samsumng s3 and s4 still on 4.2 but the s3 and even the s2 seen way more updates than any HTC device, poor HTC can't even deliver the one with 4.2 out the box such a great hardware device it came with the 4.1 smh

The S3 is on 4.1.2 dumbass. HTC has the best and fastest update record of all the other OEMS. 4.2 was a sucky ass update that made my Nexus 7 useless. You are a pathetic moronic twat.

Wow. There you go again spewing off at the mouth and using BIG words like "moronic", "ass", and "t*at". You must be a real gentleman when you're on a date with your mom.

maybe i read wrong but i was pretty sure i understood that ALL us htc ones would be getting an update by end of september, made no diff. if carrier model or not... that's what i remember reading.

The title seems to contradict the article, at least I read the title as if Canada would not receive the update until next month (october).

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Did I miss something? When will the T-Mobile SKU be updated to 4.3? Jason's tweet last month said "all SKUs" would receive the 4.3 update by the end of Sept. Now it's only the small market share Dev edition? Bait and switch?

I must say that it is a load of crap.... I really don't care if updates come and go unless there is something really wrong with the software. It's just the fact that the promise for the sales and then boom... Nothing happens .

Come on Phil & Cowboy... Use your magical powers to set these people straight.

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The software has an issue with highlight pic selection and I'm getting the purple camera screen... These are software issues that should have been fixed just like they immediately fixed the sensitivity issue with the home button! We should not be waiting on an update to 4.3 to fix those problems!

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And yet the end of September is not upon us yet. Let September run out first before trying to condemn them. What's the big deal anyways?

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