YouTube rolls out new and improved analytics for artists

Youtube Artist Analytics
Youtube Artist Analytics (Image credit: YouTube)

What you need to know

  • YouTube is introducing improved analytics for artists in YouTube Studio.
  • The new analytics will help artists better understand their global audience.
  • The improved analytics will be available for all official artist channels on YouTube.

YouTube today rolled out improved Analytics for artists, which it says will help them better understand their global fans. The new Analytics features, which are now available for official artist channels in YouTube Studio, provide a more comprehensive view of the artists' global audience, deeper performance insights, and real-time access on the YouTube Studio mobile app.

To help artists better understand their audience, YouTube has added a new "Total Reach" feature, which enables them to analyze "how their music is reaching audiences across YouTube."In addition to the videos uploaded to their official channel, the feature also includes videos containing their recordings that are created and shared by fans and collaborators.

Youtube New Analytics

Source: YouTube (Image credit: Source: YouTube)

YouTube has also made it easier for artists to view all videos that have been created for specific songs within their catalog with the "Song Detail" feature. Interestingly, the top 1,000 artists on YouTube receive over 20% of their chart eligible views from such videos.

Along with improved insights on audience engagement, Analytics for Artists now offers more comprehensive performance insights too. Artists can now access data such as impressions, clicks, demographics, retention, and more in real-time. Artists will be able to access these new insights even when they are on the road, as all the data is now available on the YouTube Studio mobile app as well.

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