YouTube doubles down on its efforts to make credible health content more accessible

YouTube Premium on a Galaxy S9
YouTube Premium on a Galaxy S9 (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • YouTube has unveiled a new health partnerships team to make high-quality content available on its platform.
  • The team will be led by Dr. Garth Graham, who was previously the chief community health officer at CVS Health.
  • The new team is working on making it easier for users to find medical information from trusted organizations and clinicians in healthcare.

YouTube has unveiled a new health partnerships team to further its efforts to make quality health content from authoritative sources easily accessible on its platform. The new team will be led by Dr. Garth Graham, who worked as Chief Community Health Officer at CVS Health and as Deputy Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under the Obama and Bush administrations.

In order to make authoritative health content available for users around the world, YouTube is partnering with the American Public Health Association, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard School of Public Health, Mayo Clinic, Osmosis, Psych Hub, and the National Academy of Medicine. Additionally, it is partnering with the Association for Healthcare Social Media to provide helpful resources to healthcare professionals on social media.

Speaking about his vision for health content on YouTube, Dr. Garth Graham said:

My team's mission is to empower people to live their healthiest lives through knowledge, support and inspiration. Most importantly, we want to ensure access to credible, evidence-based information from trusted sources. But with so much information out there, the question becomes: How do you know which information is credible? And how do you find sources that make the complicated medical jargon more accessible and easy-to-understand?

Graham added that the reach that YouTube's reach can prove highly beneficial in educating people around the world about the new COVID-19 vaccines. Since March last year, YouTube has served more than 400 billion impressions of information panels related to COVID-19.

Babu Mohan
News Writer