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Yelp lets users call out businesses that don't follow Covid-19 guidelines

Yelp Covid-19 User Feedback
Yelp Covid-19 User Feedback (Image credit: Yelp)

What you need to know

  • Yelp's latest feature lets users report on whether or not businesses are following Covid-19 guidelines.
  • Business information will be continuously updated based on user feedback.
  • The new feature expands on Yelp's Covid-19 updates that were launched last year.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, many businesses have unfortunately been forced to shut down due to a number of reasons. Many of the business that have remained open and operational are being made to comply with Covid-19 guidelines which can vary upon location, and has resulted in many partnering with some of the best food delivery apps to keep business running. As a measure to keep consumers informed and safe, Yelp last year introduced a new Covid-19 page that allowed businesses to prodive a look at the services they offer and wheter or not they are enforcing safety protocols. Today, Yelp is expanding on this feature with user-generated feedback on these businesses.

The goal is to keep business accountable. This new feature expands on the feedback that users can provide on a particular business, and lets them indicate whether or not safety guidelines are being followed. Based on a consencus of these responces, Yelp will regularly update a business's Health and Safety Measures.

We know many businesses are prioritizing the health and safety of their customers. This new update further highlights how businesses have adapted to keep their customers safe, and aims to instill confidence in consumers to continue supporting local businesses.

A green check, for instance, indicates that the business is following that particular measure such as requiring staff members to wear masks. An orange question mark, on the other hand, will appear when the majority of user feedback indicates that a particular measure is not being observed, or there are mixed responces. Users can provide feedback in two different ways, either by survey or by navigating to a business's Covid-19 Safety section and selecting "edit".

Yelp also notes that it's giving businesses more ways to communicate how they are implementing safety guidelines, and has measures to handle misuse of the user feedback tool as well as user reviews, in order to keep businesses from being unfairly misrepresented.

Derrek Lee
Derrek Lee

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  • Ah yes this is such a great idea. It definitely won't be abused by angry customers or falsely reported by people who don't know/disagree with the current covid guidelines.
  • I like this. I'm more likely to frequent a business that doesn't use masks.
  • I think it's a bad idea, unless the person and/or group with the complaint can NOT be annonymous. If the complainer gets to be annonymous, there Will be abuse of the feature and not only will the business suffer, but Yelp will suffer as well. This will be bad PR in my opinion.
  • Yelp is a horrible website that allows businesses to get slandered by butthurt customers and won't remove negative reviews even if proof to the contrary is provided. Just check out Louis Rossman on YouTube. This just makes it all the more horrible.
  • Neat, next we should label them with gold six-pointed stars and think about shipping them off to a re-education "camp". Nothing scarier than a virus you have to constantly remind people of is a threat, even though it has a 95-99% survivability rate across the board. Magically and statistically impossibly did away with the flu and pneumonia in 2020. And totally wasn't used by SIX states to target and kill off 50,000 elderly people. So tired of this BS VIRUS.
  • Are we already living in German Nazzi times? I can only remember this history fact resembles this horrible feature provided by Yelp. This is like we’re living in Orwell’s 1984 distopia or back in WW2 and USSR days. What’s next? Gulags or Concentration Fields?
  • Simple- Delete Yelp