Would you buy a phone without Google apps/services?

Huawei P40 Pro
Huawei P40 Pro (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

One of the more interesting Android phones of the year is the Huawei P40 Pro. There's a lot about the phone that's rather outstanding, such as its gorgeous display, excellent cameras, and striking design. It's honestly one of the better handsets you can buy in 2020, but it comes with a big catch — it doesn't have access to any Google apps or services.

This is a direct result of Huawei's ongoing feud with the United States, and it means that things like Gmail, YouTube, and even the Google Play Store aren't available on the phone.

Huawei's been trying to combat this with its own app store, and while it's not perfect, it has been gradually getting better as time goes on. One of our AC forum members recently pointed out that Tinder is now available on the store, which spurred the following conversation.

Not that I use it but ive just seen Tinder is now available on AppGallery on P40 phones. If that was going to change your mind about buying one! If anyone wants me to check an App that’s available for em I can, my mate said he wasn’t going to get one until he knew his daily use apps were there which they are now!


Make (tinder) Love, not (trade) war! Hehe, that's what it's all about. Great to hear, doing my research now and thinking taking the plunge with a P40 Pro, it looks sick and DxOmark seems to have crowned it king/queen again. I have a mate with P20 pro and says it's the best battery he's ever had.


They are making their way through all the top apps by looks of things. I don't use tinder (honestly) but between AppGallery and Petal search I find all sort of apps like that. Take the plunge, be a maverick LOL.


So far so good, the apps been pretty good so far, though it wasn't the most difficult of apps!! I agree some people have said isn't it a pain using two stores to download apps from but I just point out google devices have this too. I mainly use petal search now as its just easier, even put a search bar on the home screen so I don't even need to launch the app


All of this got us to wondering — Would you buy a phone without Google apps/services?

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