Would you buy a phone without a front-facing camera?

When you buy a smartphone, there are a certain set of basic features you come to expect — A touchscreen display, rear cameras, a processor that can handle basic tasks, etc. One thing that didn't use to be an expected feature but has since become one is a front-facing camera.

Front-facing cameras are incredibly useful for selfies, video conferencing, and more, but what would happen if a phone shipped without one? Would people still buy it? Would it be a complete failure?

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What's frustrating me is all this effort to incorporate a front facing camera when I have never once used a front facing camera. Never used the Iris scanning feature, never used it as a mirror, definitely never used it for selfies. Seems to me that this feature is holding back the evolution of the phone. Couldn't they have a model specifically with or without the front camera? Am I alone on this?


A phone without a good front facing camera would sell horribly. Some people like you may not use it, but most people do occasionally and some very frequently.


I've rarely used mine and would be fine without it. But selfies are extremely popular (even starting to replace autographs with celebs), so I can see why manufacturers use them.


And it's not only about selfies, more and more people use the front camera for video calls, being with friends, relatives or even business. As stated above, a phone without a front camera or any workaround trick would sell terribly.

Javier P

What say you? Would you buy a phone without a front-facing camera?

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Joe Maring

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  • I'd rather not go without the front facing camera.
  • Yes I sure would, buy a phone without a selfie cam. I have never taken a selfie with a phone.
  • Yes! Absolutely. Not all of us are self absorbed millennials. I'd probably consider buying a phone that even had a mechanical selfie camera as I wouldn't use the motor more than 100 times over the life of the phone.
  • Yeah, I'd buy one. It's rare that I use the front camera that it definataly is not a consideration when I purchase a phone. I agree with canonBoy, I'd get a pop up camera, or a slider like the Mi Mix 3.
  • Definitely not. I’m not a big selfie taker but I like to be able video conference with my kids when I travel for work.
  • Same here. I think I've taken 2 or 3 selfies ever, but I use the camera for video calls a lot.
  • Never take a selfie. Never will.
  • Absolutely, have no need whatsoever to do selfies . . 🙄
  • TBH I don't use it as much..
    but I rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it...
    But I think I would but I've without a face camera if it mention bezel-less or a fuller screen
  • If it means having a display without a notch or hole then yes, gladly.
  • I was using the lumia 635 a few years ago and it had no ffc. No problem. I think I've done 3 selfies in my entire life and I dont video chat. So yeah I'd buy one if I liked the phone otherwise. My avatar for this site is one of the 3 selfies. Ive been thinking of changing it and sparing everyone the horror of my visage.
  • Definitely would never buy a phone without a front-facing camera. While I don't really take selfies anymore for posting on IG/SC/whatever other service there is, I regularly - and I mean nearly EVERY DAY here - do video calling. So it's an absolute need.
  • in a heart beat
  • Yes I would buy one, but those of us who rarely, or never, use a front facing camera are in the minority. I can't imagine any OEM taking the chance on making one nowadays.
  • I would absolutely buy a phone with no front facing camera. If I needed a picture of myself I would actually speak to another person and ask them to take one of me with rear camera.
  • Definately. The only time I use the front camera is to look behind hard to reach places, which isn't often enough that I would miss the feature.
  • I would. I've never used the front camera. I wouldn't call it front-facing though because a 'selfie cam' faces back towards me from the phone. I wouldn't buy a new phone just because it didn't have the front camera, so the poor phone makers will have to find a much more compelling feature to convince me to spend money on one.
  • I've taken exactly two selfies in my life. One was for a mandatory profile pic at work, the other was with a girl who asked to have one with me. I do use video conferencing and like a decent front facing camera, so I get that aspect. What I do not get is why almost everyone is drinking the kool-aid that says holes in the screen and notches and sacrificing the camera is better than a slim symmetrical bezel. "Oh, I have no bezel!". Yeah, but your notch is the size of a bathtub and is bigger than a bezel!
    "Oh, I have no bezel OR notch!" Dude, you have a HOLE in your screen! How do you not see that? How do you not understand that you don't have 100% of your screen?
  • Someone will probably at some point make a selfie screen on the back of the phone and that will be the new standard. No more notch, hole, teardrop, and no more bezel.
  • I don't think I would. I'm not a big selfie person, but I do use video chat which would be a pain without the front camera.