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The world of Battlefield is a huge one, and has become known for its large-scale warfare, destructible environments, and cinematic moments of gameplay. Back in April, DICE announced that in partnership with Industrial Toys, the developers would be creating a new Battlefield experience specifically for the mobile audience. The game is set to release some time in 2022, and will aim to be a fully standalone game that operates completely different from the current Battlefield games that exist.

As fans wait for what they hope will be one of the best Android games available, one of the biggest things they're wondering about is just when the game will be available in their region. With that in mind, here's what we know about Battlefield Mobile's releases.

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When will Battlefield Mobile be available in my region?

Currently, there isn't much information on when Battlefield Mobile will release or even when a wider playtesting session may come out. At this time, no playtests for Battlefield Mobile have taken place, but Electronic Arts is preparing to change that. Unfortunately, not many people will be getting the chance to try the game at first.

According to a FAQ about the game on EA's Answer HQ, the company said it would be "steadily rolling out" a series of tests in Indonesia and the Philippines currently planned to become available sometime this fall.

At the moment, Electronic Arts has only given a vague "2022" release date window, so fans will have to be a bit patient with this one. For those looking to get more information on the game, though, simply pre-registering for the game in your local Google Play Store is all you need to do. From there, you'll be "informed automatically when the playtesting opens up in your area."

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