What's the biggest obstacle to you buying a foldable phone?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 vs. Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 vs. Z Flip (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

Foldable phones are no longer a fad, and they're not going away. True, they may not yet be ready to replace everyone's daily carry, but they're improving at a rapid pace. Just look at how much better the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 was over the first generation, or how convenient the Galaxy Z Flip and MOTO RAZR phones are for those with small hands and smaller pockets.

Companies like TCL and Microsoft have offered their unique takes on the form factor with everything from rolling screens to a more book-like design, and even Apple is rumored to be getting into the mix.

We want to hear from you — if you're still skeptical about the foldable form factor or hesitant to spend your hard-earned money on one of these new devices, what is holding you back? No wrong answers!

Jeramy Johnson

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  • The price; the fact that foldable phones are fragile AF when compared to other phones; no IPXX rating; I shouldn't have to use a concierge service just to own a foldable phone. When they become durable enough where a concierge service isn't necessary, and when the prices come down, then I'll consider buying one.
  • Too big, expensive, and fragile.
  • Agree with everything said above. I see mostly downsides (cost, fragile) and I have plenty of screen real estate to enjoy content on my phone (S21).
  • I've always felt that foldables were just another gimmick. I don't want one and I resent manufacturers arbitrarily deciding that these things are the future of Android.
  • Too expensive and bulky.
  • As a lover of technology, I really like foldable phones. Cost plays a role in me not purchasing one but that is not my biggest concern.
    Durability is my biggest concern. Regular slab phones are not industructable, so to move to foldable phones and they have less durability makes then less desirable for me.
  • I definitely came really close with the Fold 2 but waiting for the right one, I think the Samsung Fold 3 will be the one for me. S-pen support!
  • Besides price and durability, simply the fact that I still haven't found a particular use case for a foldable and am just content with having a Galaxy Note-sized slab.
  • The cheap plastic screens that are wayyy too easy to scratch. I used a folding phone demo once and it just felt plasticky and cheap.
  • Great for concept but too expensive for my liking and not durable enough or other things others have mentioned
  • I was really tempted by the Fold 2, but the simple reality is that most sites I go to are really well optimized for mobile, and I've frequently find browsing on my phone to be quicker and more pleasant then on my tablet. So other than the cool factor, I don't know that there's a real value ad for the extra real estate. Particularly since I can use my Chromebook and cast to my TVs if I want to watch something larger.
  • I'm intrigued by folding phones but as many have said price is too high for me for a phone that may be more fragile than what I have. That said, I'm keeping my eye on them to see how they Improve. Definitely need a top end camera for me as well.
  • No need for one.
  • Too heavy too big!