Oneplus contest

There's something about standing in a virtual line for the chance to get an invite to purchase something that sounds downright soul crushing to some, especially with stories of folks gaming the system floating around. And we're still not crazy about the idea of "invites" instead of preorders at face value. Nevertheless, the OnePlus Two is so far proving to be a decent phone, and its popularity is plenty apparent. And instead of waiting until OnePlus is able to sell the phone like normal manufacturers do, the've given us 50 invite cards to give away at our discretion.

That means it's contest time, and since the camera is such a big part of this year's release we're taking the contest to Instagram.

So here's how we'll do this. Follow us on Instagram, take a photo of the place your shiny new OnePlus Two would live at night while you're asleep —a bedside table, charging spot in your office, special little pillow beside yours in bed, dungeon altar, whatever. We're not judging here. Then share it on Instagram with #OP2dreams somewhere in the post. We'll be collecting entries until 11:59 p.m. EDT on Aug. 16. The following day we'll announce the winners and 50 of you will have everything you need to purchase a OnePlus Two.

Got it? Great. Grab your cameras, and happy shooting!

OnePlus 2