Weird Al gets 'Tacky' in latest video, new album now available in Google Play

To celebrate the launch of his new album, Mandatory Fun, Weird Al Yankovic is kicking off his #8videos8days project with this, the video for new song, "Tacky." A parody of the insanely popular Pharrell Williams track, "Happy," the video features a number of cameo appearances from a number of people, including Jack Black. And better still if you're a fan, the album is available right now in the Google Play Store.

Weird Al has made a name for himself over the years through parodying the popular songs of the time and "Mandatory Fun" doesn't change that one bit. Fans will love it, non-fans might have a little chuckle, but there are a whole bunch more videos coming our way this week. If you want to give the album a listen, hit the Play Store and get to it. If you want to buy, it'll set you back $9.99.

Source: Nerdist

Update: Hey, Word Crimes just went live.

Richard Devine
  • I can't wait to see the Blurred Lines parody's video "Word Crimes". All about grammar on the internet, I want to share it with so many people.
  • I completely agree. I listened to all of the snippets of songs on the album, and I like "Word Crimes" the best, by far. If I were to choose only one song to buy, it'd definitely be that one. Fantastic!
  • I got the whole album last night when it went live. Also, Word Crimes IS the next video - see it at or on nerdist.
  • handy = lol and your absolutely right on word crimes ;)
  • "Yankovic! He reversed the parody... He normal Al'd us!" Posted via Android Central App
  • Please do not put up posts with autoplaying videos! I opened up Feedly and this started blaring out so I had to mute my computer until I finally found the post with this playing. If a user wants to watch it they'll click play - don't make the choice for me please.
  • Agreed! I had no idea this guy was still relevant.
  • That's OK. He doesn't think you are relevant either.
  • Setting--Advanced Settings-Privacy-Content Settings- Plug-ins = click to play. DONE. Never have to worry about it on any site.
  • Nothing we could do about that I'm afraid. The source video autoplays :( It's why we kept it off the front page
  • A decent person would have said "sorry, we'll use a different host next time" rather than the douchebag equivalent response of "suck it up". See, there is something you could do about it. Next time at least be honest and tell us you don't care enough to spend two seconds coming up with a reasonable solution. THIS is exactly the type of reaction that has me calling you out for being a lazy, worthless "journalist" all the time.
  • Dick alert.
  • How are you not banned yet? You're an ass to the writers in every comment you post. Please read a different site. Flap away, little birdie! Posted via Android Central App
  • You mad bro?
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  • Well... That was an appropriate, non overly dramatic response. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'll get right on that, ripping a video that doesn't belong to us and re-uploading it somewhere else. The video belongs to Nerdist, and it's linked to, not hosted here. Which you'd see if you actually paid attention instead of just coming into the comments every week demanding I be fired. :)
  • Who said you should be fired? I just said top being such a lazy worthless reporter and do your job. There's a difference.
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  • At age 44, I recognized two of the songs on the album -- but I'll be buying it anyway to keep up my 30-year tradition of giving money to WAY. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm 33 and you recognized two more than I did. It's not that we're too's that music has gotten that shitty!!
  • Maybe it's too much 420.
  • Yikes, I know teenagers with more class than you show in your comments. Scary :-/ Posted via Android Central App
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  • Being polite and getting your point accross shows class. It's apparent you haven't the slightest touch of class. At least your internet personality...
  • Every generation thinks new music is worse than the last. What really happens is that you only listen to the oldies and don't get an appreciation for anything new. That isn't to say there isn't a lot of new music that is crap but there was just as much when we were teenagers.
  • i read the headline and thought for sure it was going to be a parody of "Fancy".
  • There is a parody of 'Fancy', it's just not this one. It's unfortunate too, cuz that song is horrible, and the parody isn't much better.
  • Word Crimes video is up on his website.
  • A little too much Botox huh Al? This takes me back to my childhood. Android and Blackberry fan
  • Is this an ad?
  • Why is this everywhere? It isn't even that funny.
  • Senses of humor are not evenly distributed, I see.
  • I don't recognize a single one of these songs.....not one!! Words can't even begin to describe how disappointed I am. I love Weird Al, but it's just sad that he picked songs that are so far off anything I would even consider listening to I don't even remotely recognize them.
  • You need to put down the reefer and get out of your mom's basement once in awhile.
  • You should talk....nothing better to do than reply to every post in this thread, huh?
  • I want to say "Weird Al is Back!!!!" but the reality is he never left. His albums have all been great. Not necessarily perfect, but all enjoyable. Weird Al forever!
  • Agreed. I've seen him twice in concert. Dollar for dollar the best value in entertainment.
  • Sweet Lord, I need a screen grab every 2 seconds from Word Crimes and have them cycle on my phone, my TV, the back window of my car and every video billboard in the greater Los Angeles area. And having a Clippit cameo from old-school Word? Icing, meet the top of this cake.