Weird Al gets 'Tacky' in latest video, new album now available in Google Play

To celebrate the launch of his new album, Mandatory Fun, Weird Al Yankovic is kicking off his #8videos8days project with this, the video for new song, "Tacky." A parody of the insanely popular Pharrell Williams track, "Happy," the video features a number of cameo appearances from a number of people, including Jack Black. And better still if you're a fan, the album is available right now in the Google Play Store.

Weird Al has made a name for himself over the years through parodying the popular songs of the time and "Mandatory Fun" doesn't change that one bit. Fans will love it, non-fans might have a little chuckle, but there are a whole bunch more videos coming our way this week. If you want to give the album a listen, hit the Play Store and get to it. If you want to buy, it'll set you back $9.99.

Source: Nerdist

Update: Hey, Word Crimes just went live.

Richard Devine