COROS' heart rate monitor will take the fight to Polar

A runner wearing the COROS Heart Rate Monitor on her left arm.
(Image credit: COROS)

What you need to know

  • COROS announced a new Bluetooth heart rate monitor strap for more accurate health data for athletes. 
  • The strap attaches to your arm with an adjustable buckle, making it easier to attach than a chest strap.
  • The COROS Heart Rate Monitor weighs 19g, has 3ATM water resistance, and can last 38 hours for tracking or 80 days in standby mode. 
  • It costs $79 / €79 and is available on July 27 in the United States or mid-September in Canada and Europe. 

When it comes to heart rate monitor straps, most athletes choose chest straps for the best possible accuracy. In exchange, you have to struggle with finding the right size and fit, plus the lack of comfort. For a middle ground, some athletes choose arm HRM straps like the Polar Verity Sense. The COROS Heart Rate Monitor falls into the latter category.

Announced on Thursday, COROS' HRM will connect with watches like the COROS APEX 2, but also third-party running watches, smartphones, and cycling computers. It connects over Bluetooth alone, whereas other straps also offer ANT+, but you can connect to three devices simultaneously.

Where the COROS Heart Rate Monitor stands out is its battery life: it has a 53-hour estimate, longer than the Verity Sense (45 hours) and Wahoo Kickr Fit (30 hours). COROS says that it used a "newer Bluetooth chip which does not provide ANT+ support but has far better computing power and lower power consumption," which explains the gap.

The COROS Heart Rate Monitor has built-in wear detection, meaning once you've set it up and connected it to a device via the QR code, you can simply put it on and start your workout, and your data will broadcast to your connected devices. It uses "5 LED lights with four photodetectors for maximum accuracy," according to COROS. 

COROS gives the strap 3ATM water resistance, meaning it can handle light rain and sweat but cannot be submerged in water. That's something to keep in mind, depending upon what conditions you typically train in. Otherwise, it's capable of working in -4 to122° F (-20–50 degrees C) conditions. 

Athletes in the United States or China can buy the COROS Heart Rate Monitor now; it'll be available on Amazon and COROS' website. In other territories, you'll need to wait until mid-September. 

COROS sent Android Central a review unit of its HRM, so we plan to review it soon and see how it compares to the best heart rate monitor straps on the market. 

Michael L Hicks
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