Tracking steps with Android Wear

Your smartwatch can count your strides, with no setup required

I love the idea of having a step-tracker. But I loathe having to carry yet another device on me. And to that end, I'm loving the integration tracking built into the first around of Android Wear smartwatches. It's a very basic integration for now — steps and only steps — but you can't beat the ease of use. Just wear your watch — the LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live, for now — and it tracks your steps automatically, no setup required.

Oh, and be sure to walk.


And that's it. Just walk, and your watch keeps track, with a seven-day history saved on the watch.

You do have the option to shut off the tracking if you'd like, as well as adjust the daily goal from as few as 1,000 steps, or as many as 20,000. You also can choose whether you want to see the steps card, or whether you want to save that data at all. Just swipe right from the main steps info.

Phil Nickinson