Supermassive's Man of Medan has multiplayer, eight games planned for Dark Pictures Anthology

What you need to know

  • Supermassive Games has announced that The Dark Pictures: Mad of Medan will have a multiplayer mode.
  • They've also confirmed that seven more games are planned for The Dark Pictures Anthology
  • The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan will release on August 30, 2019.

Supermassive Games' The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is getting closer to release but if players (particularly Until Dawn veterans) think they know what to expect going in, there are some big twists coming. Today, Supermassive dropped a new trailer with a major reveal: Man of Medan has multiplayer! Two players can control two different characters, adding extra weight, tension and twists into just how the story will unfold and determining who survives.

You can check out the spooky new trailer showing how multiplayer works below:

That means there are now three different ways to play:

  • Single-player story mode
  • Two-player co-op story mode
  • Two-five player "Movie Night" mode

However, that's not the only interesting new snippet of information. While we knew that this was intended to be the first game in an anthology, it wasn't clear how far Supermassive was intending to take the series. Speaking with Game Informer, Supermassive Games revealed that they've got eight games planned for this anthology, seven more after The Dark Pictures.

Managing Director Pete Samuels was asked directly about the number of games the anthology will contain. "Well, the second one is well into production," Samuels answered, counting numbers off on his fingers. "So we know what that is. Third one is going to the end of its design phase in writing. And we're shooting that with the cast in two weeks' time to get all that. In the fourth one, I think we have a concept of the movements and design. The fifth one, we're working on and we have the concept and are about to move into design. But we know what the horror story is also for the sixth, seventh, and eighth."

If you're a fan of these narrative horror games, that's fantastic news. Until Dawn may not have gotten a direct sequel but it's getting multiple spiritual successors - and this time, friends can share in the horror.

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