Steve Jobs: "I'm going to destroy Android"

Though we all knew it, now we have it in writing: Steve Jobs really hated Android, according to his biography, which will hit store shelves on October 24. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is said to detail what Jobs really thought about the competition, according to the AP, who purchased a copy before its official release.

"I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple's $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong... I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this."

Jobs was said to be livid when HTC introduced one of its first Android phones, which he believed took popular iPhone features and passed them of as its own. Jobs was so angry, in fact, that when approached by Google's Eric Schmidt to settle the lawsuits, he refused.

"I don't want your money... I want you to stop using our ideas in Android..."

It is always interesting to see the other side of the story, and in this case, the fundamental anger from Apple and Jobs himself driving the lawsuits against top Android manufacturers today.

Source: AP, via TiPb

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Anndrew Vacca
  • Hmmm, wonder if Palm would have approached Jobs and told him to stop using their idea's what he would have said?
  • Bingo... So few people understand how much he stole from Palm, passing it off as his own.
  • It has bugged me for years that the "innovative" and "all new" iPhone wasn't capable of doing what my (then) 3 year old Treo could. Makes Microsoft look like innovators! Then the Pre/Pre+ blew away the iPhone in size, looks & with a great real keyboard. But the iPhone gets the press. And he said Android stole from Apple? Crazy.
  • Yeah, kinda like how Apple said Windows stole from the Mac. I wonder how many people remember that or the outcome. Apple had egg on its face when it turned out that the Mac UI was, in fact, stolen from XEROX PARC.
  • wow, I swear I was reading one of my own posts! He was great at getting people to spend 10 bucks on a 5 dollar bill with some glitter on it though.
  • That's so true! I've owned a few Palm devices (Palm Pilot, Treo). Palm used to be the cool devices that everyone wanted as personal assistants...and all smartphone operating systems are using those ideas, design, and functionality. Apple just did a better job at brainwashing people that their brand is original and better than the others. To their credit, they begin that brainwashing to those at very young ages. How many kids don't want an iPod? Then when they get older, what brand of smartphone will they be drawn to?
  • All 3 of my kids have ipod touch's but when it comes to smartphones they are like their father, they want one with android on it.
  • Congrats for converting them! Now, get to work on the other multi-millions of adolescents, so that they will have the same mindset. :)
  • That is what I call a good father. Not because you are teaching them to use Android, but you are teaching them not to follow what is pop culture. ...But it does have to do with you using Android. *hehe*
  • Haha I just said the same thing to the guy next to me.
  • Yeah, funny how Steve wasn't going after WebOS as well... Might it have something to do with the elements iOS took from PalmOS?
  • iOS5 case closed.
  • LMAO @ ios5... ICS Nuff said. Apple stole from Samsung. Samsung had a phone out 1 year prior to the iphoney, which (iphoney) looked A LOT like the Samsung phone, and since Crapple uses Samsungs chips in their Icraps, it makes sense that Crapple would steal. Crapple is hardly innovative. Crapple is hardly cutting edge. They are being left behind with their proprietary crap!
  • Don't forget the LG Prada, which also pre-dated the iPhone, and bears more than a striking resemblance.
  • Seriously? It's posts like this that make Android users look childish and whiney. I'm an Android fan and don't care for Apple's products, but you can't just dismiss Apple's role in popularizing the smart phone like that. At least have a little respect for them by calling them and their products by their actual names.
  • Funny thing. The original iPhone wasn't a smartphone. It didn't have exchange or a lot of the other business needs that have defined a smartphone for a number of years. The original iPhone was iPod + Phone. It wasn't until several months into the first iteration that they started making it into a smartphone. So no, app didn't have that big of a hand in popularizing smartphones. They were already picking up speed. I mean, why do you think Apple added all these smartphone features? They saw the demand.
  • Funny thing. The original iPhone wasn't a smartphone. It didn't have exchange or a lot of the other business needs that have defined a smartphone for a number of years. The original iPhone was iPod + Phone. It wasn't until several months into the first iteration that they started making it into a smartphone. So no, app didn't have that big of a hand in popularizing smartphones. They were already picking up speed. I mean, why do you think Apple added all these smartphone features? They saw the demand.
  • I didn't say that Apple single-handedly popularized or even created the smart phone. I said they had a (I would argue pretty significant) role in it. Apple's iPhone held the number one spot in smart phone market share for a time, so to it's hard to claim that they didn't have an impact on them.
  • If apple didn't do it someone else would have. That's how the tech industry survives reinventing old idea and making other things betters I think anyone knows how much a two face Steve jobs was would show respect
  • I think they *might* be referring to all the things iOS5 stole from Android like the notification bar- Just sayin'.
  • Also multi-tasking is similar to Android and don't forget they made it so you can access the camera from the lock screen like Windows Phone. siri isn't really innovative since both Android and Windows Phone used voice before them...also Microsoft showed what they wanted to do with voice about a year ago (which is more innovative than what siri can do) so apple probably saw that video and copied the idea as usual.
  • For the record, iOS doesn't have multitasking like Android. It's still running quasi-multitasking.
  • I don't think it was cancer that killed him. It was knowing that the only way they could innovate was to copy Android.
  • Oh...I thought he died of PC. snarf snarf :S
  • buuuuurrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!
  • buuuuurrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!
  • Apple copies Android? Many forget Android was going to be more of a BlackBerry type smart phone when first shown in 2005. After Google bought it and worked with Apple on iOS they then released Android. I dont blame Apple for their over reaction. After what happened with Windows (yes, Apple was inspired just like Bill Gates, but Apple could have fought and didn't and you see where that got them). So Apple is only trying to defend itself, but has taken it to far. Don't get me wrong, Google has done a lot. But denying and disrspecting a man/company is not right. And yes iOS 5.0 notifications resembles Android and Windows Phone, but that was five generations after the iPhone was released.
  • Apple never had anything.. they just put it together.. hyped the hell out of it.. and everyone thought it was theirs. ill give them the hype.. they are full of that, and thats really all it took in that day and age
  • No Apple does have something very special, which you eluded to. "they just put it together" That is what apple does better then anyone else. They take an existing product and put it together in a way that the average consumer can just use and not have to worry about why or how.
  • So Apple is the new BASF?
  • Either that or 3M
  • Guess he didn't succeed! However, not being a real phone nerd, didn't he steal some ideas from RIM and the old WebOS? (Not sure, and I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.) I know his iPads are not knew. Hospitals used similar tablets, and so did the US Government. However, he made them consumer friendly and a heck of a lot less expensive.
  • your right on the first half.
    second half.meeeh HP had a kind of user friendly pad bevore the ipad. well thats what i think
  • what about the acros tablets? i know they were out long before the ipad , and they were running android
  • Fujitsu have had a range of tablets out for years - google for "fujitsu stylistic", and Sony had a few similar ones.
  • He mad.
  • How about "iMad"? :)
  • He dead.
  • How about "iDead"? :)
  • Is that the last line from his autobiography?
  • It's his epitaph.
  • This is funny as hell, I dont know why I am lmao.. I am going to hell.. Thanks for the laugh on a friday that wont end soon enough...
  • I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this." Lmao I don't care who says what I laugh ever time I've read that line since yesterday lol. One thing I can say about jobs is that he was very VERY Passionate. And I respect him for that. I think the whole "Stolen Product" line comes from Microsoft Bill Gates stealing the UI ideas from Apple and making windows back in the day. Looks like he refused to let that happen again. Looks like it may have still bothered him.
  • I think the whole "Stolen Product" line comes from Apple Steve Jobs stealing the UI ideas from Xerox Park and making macintosh back in the day. Looks like he refused to let others do the same to him. Looks like he was still a big schmug about it.
  • The irony is that Xerox sued Apple and Apple won. You can't copyright a UI, the courts said. Now, Apple's on the other side and they're pretending the past never happened.
  • Good one lexs!
  • Wasn't point and click technology/ui invented by Xerox, ignored by management, and then handed to Jobs by angry and resentful employees?
  • Regarding the "Stolen Product", Apple licensed it to Microsoft, but when Microsoft began to flourish Apple decided that they meant for it to be only for Windows 1.0. Courts sided with MS because of the contracts signed. The stolen product line is laughable considering that Apple "borrowed" heavily from the Xerox PARC to create their GUI. Another rare piece of history, Bill Gates tried to get Apple to license their MacOS out to various companies because he was that impressed with it. He just wanted to develop software for it, but Apple said no.
  • I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this. Was it just me or did I see a calmer Apple during Cook's first stint as chairman while Steve was getting his hormones re-balanced ^h^h^h liver transplant? Lots of things snuck into IOS at that time, things Steve steadfastly refused to add, cut and paste, MMS, and better notifications for apps. The law suits were particularly quiet at that time too. Since Jobs returned, its like everyone at Apple was walking around on egg shells, waiting to see where Steve was going to throw his next tantrum. I suspect, contrary to the hero worship you see in the press, there are a lot of people at Apple breathing a sigh of relief, not the least of which is the Legal staff who had to reign him in at the cost of their employment numerous times.
  • It bother's me deeply to know that he carried this regret to the grave. In reality he won. What else could he ask for? He's locked in millions of user and has a compelling platform that will attract millions more. His feelings about Android make him seem petty and small. Be passionate about the Rwandan Genocide or the extinction of an endangered species. But a phone? I just can't see it.
  • Oh boo hoo, so its ok for apple to steal from other companies as long as no one steals from apple? So now apple won't let anyone else even license most of their patents (which I think the government should change that in patent law. No company should be able to sit on their patents, they should have to license them for a fare exchange either other patents or money). Now you have all these companies that just make patents in hope someone will infringe so they can sue, thats sick.
  • Looks like the "period of mourning" is over.
  • I've heard a bunch of stuff from this biography, and I sincerely doubt much of anything in the book. It sounds like he took a bunch of stuff everybody knew and added a bunch of creative license to it to make this book, because there's a lot of inconsistencies and straight up contradictions in that book.
  • At least their being consistent with the Apple business model. And sure enough, the iSheep will buy it just to get some kind of idea how Steve Jobs thinks.
  • From the blurb: "Based on more than forty interviews with Jobs conducted over two years—in addition to interviews with more than one hundred family members, friends, adversaries, competitors, and colleagues—Isaacson was given “exclusive and unprecedented” access to Jobs life" If this book isn't accurate I don't know what else will be.
  • Exactly. It's as accurate a look at Jobs as will ever be written. Let's get real, Jobs had a reality distortion field around him, and the author of the book couldn't escape it, either.
  • I would buy it just because I need some point of reference why the "Holy Bible" is the Good Book. Wouldn't it be messed up if the "Ten Commandments" started off with "i" instead of "Thou"? Thou shall not vs. i shall not.....
  • Exodus 20:15, KJV "Thou shalt not steal." The bible doesn't say anything about borrowing without compensation or giving credit. :)
  • Thou shall not covet thy neighbors proprietary software
    "i" shall not covet thy neighbors proprietary software
  • I would bet that according to Steve Jobs, capacitive displays and using your finger on a touch screen should be proprietary to apple.
  • Actually, you jest but Apple *did* recently sue HTC over the patent of "using the finger to control a touch screen device" and the phrase "mutli-touch" among other things. Luckily, the judge threw those two out right off the bat.
  • Looks like he spent his dying breath and failed. I love how he gets so pissed about people "stealing" his ideas when Apple was FOUNDED on stolen ideas. Actually most everything apple has ever done they stole. BEST PARTS about it are these quotes by Jobs: "We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas."
    "Good artists copy; great artists steal." damn hypocrite.
  • Mojonation1487, If I could give your post 10 stars, I would.
  • The sad thing is now they have a few years to say "this is one of the products that steve jobs was working on before he died" and people will eat it up. They can do that for years and probably get away with it because the isheep want to believe.
  • "I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple's $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong... I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this." --by Steve Jobs; from his Biography ‎"Steve Jobs, 1955-2011: On behalf of all of us at Google and more broadly in technology, you will be missed very much." --by Google
  • That forms an inspiring contrast...a contrast in attitudes and respect.
  • Its also comparing a private comment to a Corporation public statement. I would imagine the heads of Google thought the same of Mr. Jobs as Jobs thought of them.
  • Google had to say something nice, they couldn't just say what was on their mind "thank God he's gone" that wouldn't look very good. steve jobs was a very hateful person, mac os always stayed behind Windows...far when ios took off he had to beat his chest. jobs really did have a God complex, I think all the comments about the Jesus pad and him being so great really went to his head and when he got cancer he just flew off the edge and said "screw it, I'll screw them all". Now he'll be talking through the new CEO's mouth from the grave for a while as they bring out products jobs has been working on for years. He was the L. Ron Hubbard of technology, he made his own religion and the isheep followed with glee. Now like L. Ron Hubbard, jobs is dead and they'll still follow. Lets just hope the distortion field weakens and as Windows 8 (hopefully Windows 8 will make WP7 more popular) and Ice Cream Sandwich come out more people will flock to these more innovative OS'.
  • Someone besides Apple thinks the same way.
  • You haven't been keep up to date on how that's progressing, have you?
  • "I don't want your money... I want you to stop using our ideas in Android..." This cooming from the guy whose company was founded on stealing... I mean copying... no improving... waiting innovating, yes innovating other's ideas for his own gain.
  • You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. defines innovate as "to introduce something new; make changes in anything established." So making changes to someones idea or existing product, is the definition of innovate.
  • That's typically known as "sarcasm". Look that one up, while you're in the dictionary...
  • You are correct, but you have to give him credit for the nice "Princess Bride" reference there!
  • If you asked apple they wouldn't say copying is innovating...unless they're doing the copying that is.
  • I'm sure $40 billion could buy a nuclear device
  • Sorry he died but he fell flat on his face. Apple steals as much or more then anyone and tries to bully smaller companies. Was nice to see someone stand up to them.
  • Khan: [quoting from Melville's Moby Dick] To the last, I will grapple with thee... from Hell's heart, I stab at thee! For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee!
  • really? That's where that's from? I thought it was from Star Trek II: The wrath of Khan
  • "DROOOIIID!" (with Shatner's voice)
  • "I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries."
  • I find it a little sad that you felt the need to tell everyone where that quote came from, but I can't really blame you. And I seriously hope the guy making the comment about Star Trek II was kidding. Gotta admit, though, that comment did spawn some funny replies :)
  • "I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple's $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong... I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this." ...and now your dead. I guess he forgot he stole everything apple was based on from Xerox.
  • Hello Pot, meet Mr. Kettle
  • Funnier knowing that the "Black" is a turtleneck.
  • Winning
  • This is y all the isheep fanboys are always crying about stealing this or copying that. Its starts at the source. The iPhone wouldn't even be able to make phone calls if it wasn't certain Samsung patents! This is y I hate apple. Even if their products were clear cut superior I wouldn't buy them. This dude was a self centered douche bag that thought he personally created everything we have today. Including my evo! What a douche nozzle.
  • Apple never made anything new with Jobs as CEO. His entire Mantra was form over function. Hence why there is only one button on the huge bezel of most apple gadgets. There already was a great phone OS that Apple ripped off. It was called Palm OS. For examples, see the Treo 600. The Treo 600 is the phone that really kicked off the smartphone revolution. But it actually did stuff. And people could write apps for it to their hearts content. And the itunes store was a ripoff of the various palm application websites that were out there. Steve Jobs did not invent anything. He came back to apple and streamlined apple's products to making only things that mouth breathers wanted. Which is totally different than say, making products that do something (like cut and paste!)
  • No one denies that Palm made the smartphone market. But you any that Apple made it for the average Joe. Before the iPhone no one (consumers, not business users) wanted a smartphone. Then the iPhone came and they (being Apple) made it for the everyday person. They were first, I know Palm was working on WebOS and Google Android. Another fun fact is Google was a partner with Apple developing the iPhone. This is where th bad feelings are coming from. Oh and Apple stealing the idea of internet stores? that's like saying Wal-Mart stole the idea of stors.
  • Steve Jobs, 1996: "Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal" -
  • Well judging by those comments, Jobs will never rest in peace. Android is stronger than ever.
  • What a hypocritical jackass.
  • lol. Apple sounds like a dictator. If he wanted to go that route Palm/HP could destory every smartphone in existance with it slew of patents. Some of which are ridiculously vague and far reaching. Some of this back and fourth suing is getting silly. Trying to claim touchscreens and pinch to zoom, that stuff is just standard now. How about you just compete with rivals instead of just trying to wipe them off the face of the earth. Competition is good. What if Ford stopped anyone else from making cars.
  • I agree with you for the most part, but Daimler-Benz made the 1st car years ahead of ford.
  • That fact only makes the analogy that much more relevant :)
  • Even more emphasizing your point that there's almost always someone who did it first: Not saying you're any less right that Benz created the modern car...but it's not like he was the first to try it ;p I've been watching a lot of Ancient Discoveries's amazing what our ancestors were capable of that we thought we had invented 100s or even 1000s of years later.
  • Android was created 2 years before ios by the Open Handset Alliance
  • And yet it was nothing like Android 1.0 back in 2005 when it was first shown. And magically it became more like the iPhone sometime afterwards, after Google helped Apple with iOS 1.0. I am not saying Steve Jobs was right that Google "stole" there product but he has reason to believe it. Or did you just magically forget that?
  • Here is the only screen shot I could find of what it was like pre iPhone. It took a lot of digging around. That was in 2005. Google and see what Android 1.0 beta looked like. Entirely different. Now, is Steve Jobs justified in his belief if Google copying? Not entirely. Apple has done its fair share of copying and its not like Google didn't bring its own innovation in the market (voice recognition was genius how they researched that). But his belief is founded in fact.
  • if Apple gives me $1,000,000,000 I will run around Google headquarters and throw apples at everyone.
  • Too bad he expended so much energy and money trolling and not fighting cancer earlier. But that is the problem with people who thinks they are god: maybe we were created as an image of Him but not like Him.
  • Death suits him just fine
  • mad bro?
  • I know we shouldn't speak badly about a dead dude but all the negativity, hatred brewing in the arrogant ass*@le leads to sickness.
  • Exactly what I was going to add in my comment below. Anger is a poison that's bound to manifest itself physically.
  • Wow, this is a silly comment.
  • I am game for his crooked jaw, and for the jaws of Death too, Captain Ahab, if it fairly comes in the way of the business we follow; but I came here to hunt whales, not my commander's vengeance. -Moby Dick
  • What a horrible way to want to run your company. I mean seriously, being willing to throw all ur money at one cause, suicide. Not any coincidence that after the lawsuits started, Android took the lead and started having features Apple wanted to steal... Focus on competing first...
  • well steve , looks like you lost this one
  • He always struck me as a very angry, egotistical, hypocrite of a man. I read somewhere that he was working the day he died. Determination? Maybe to some, but if I had his money and a death sentence like pancreatic cancer, last thing on my mind would be some stupid company. Can't say I shed a tear at his death ...far better people than he (at least in human terms) die every day.
  • While we're all in the "Apple stole this!" mood. Webkit = KHTML from the KDE (Linus) Also, the Mac Store sounds an awful lot like a Package Manager from Linux (which I personally have been using since 2004/2005), I don't know about iTunes as I've never used it, or an iPhone. But think of it as the Android Market for your computer.
    Find, click Install, Forget.
  • Using and extending an open source project like KHTML isn't stealing. That's kind of the whole point of open source...
  • Yeah, I intended to mention they "forked" it.
  • Oh, I guess iOS didn't steal that notification bar...
  • I am not a iPhone person either. I love the openness of Android. However, I must say that Steve Jobs while he had faults was able to take each of his products and bring them together nicely in order to make a great product. He was a gifted thinker. People gifted in thought usually do and say a lot of really stupid things. Its because they extend so far and fall so flat that they can reach so far when they don't. Its just the way it is. For all the stolen ideas in the world there are relatively few companies that have succeeded such as Apple. Microsoft being another. In the end ideas are not usually stolen, merely borrowed and placed upon other innovations and things borrowed to make something special. And it takes someone special to do just that. I don't see anybody else innovating in vacuum tech, its now follow the dyson. If it were easy or a no brainer, then why didn't everyone do it. Here you go: Cordless Drill.
    Make me a better one and then make millions off it.
    Can you do it?
    Likely not.
    But that's exactly what Dyson did. Its exactly what Apple did. Its exactly what Microsoft did.
    But it seems not everyone can do it. So give them credit for that at least.
  • While your statements may be true, you don't see Dyson going around suing the likes of Black and Decker and DeWalt. Just think of what this world would look like if Breyers decided to sue Ben & Jerry's because their cookies-n-cream looked similar too Breyers. Ridiculous huh!
  • And I could go on. All businesses that make money like these companies sue and get sued all the time. Its the nature of the beast.
  • I was actually commenting on your cordless drill example but I'll give you the tubeless vacuum arguement. It doesn't change the fact that only the consumer loses in all these lawsuits.
  • Did he not also once say that "Good Artists Copy, Great artists steal." Sounds like hypocrisy to me. His earlier quote and this one now make the makers of Android "Great Artists". And he wanted to destroy the product of Great artists. Ummm... Isn't that double standards? Apple fans explain?
  • This is what I wanted to say, so I scrolled down to find your comment. Good job! Android = Great Artists
  • umadbro?
  • The iPod was a major ripoff of existing products that had been out and thriving for years. Anyone remember the Rio and Creative MP3 players? These MP3 players were out for years and were very successful until Apple came along, ripped off their ideas, and used their size, money, and customer base to bury Rio and Creative.
  • Um. No. They were not successful by any definition. Rio and Creative failed because they made an inferior product. But if you want to go that route the you have to agree that Samsung ripped off the iPod touch with their latest player thingy.
  • I don't know about Rio and Creative, but this is the kind of moronic logic I hate from Apple fans. Most of you define copying as merely having a product in the space. That's BS and you know it. If Android had popped out looking like TouchWiz, I might have agreed with Jobs. But stock Android is closer to Symbian than it is to iOS. And with every iteration, Android is getting further and further away from iOS. Look at Ice Cream Sandwich and iOS5 and tell me how they are similar? Btw, this is coming from someone who owns an iMac, an Apple TV, an iPod, and in the coming months probably an iPad and a Time Capsule.
  • I don't believe that Samsung stole from Apple. My belief is that there are no new ideas left. All companies borrow each other, improving on others ideas. Apple goes it, Google does it, Microsoft does it..... My point was if you are saying Apple store from Rio and Creative then you have to agree that Samsung stole from Apple. You can't intelligently believe one but not that other.
  • Actually, the various Rio players were very popular, considering that the MP3 players were new technology. The Rios started coming out in the fall of 1998 and although there were a couple of others that came out earlier in 1998, it was the Rio that was the big hit in 1998 and spurred on a slew of companies to produce their own MP3 players. I was on the development team for the ones that Intel made in 2000 and 2001. Apple didn't get into the game until 2001 with the 1st iPod and while it had some innovations, it was only an incremental improvement over the other ones on the market at the time.
  • Don't forget Archos had the first hard disk MP3 player long before the iPod did. I owned one. It had a 6GB drive.
  • Yes! I owned an Archos Rio. It was a brick, but it was a great mp3 player.
  • Was not microsoft in the mobile business before apple entered in.Did they say apple stole our idea. Apple is going to get hurt some day as it tries to sue instead of innovate.Competition is healthy and they need to face it - Its the reality of life.
  • Give me a break. the iOS5 shamelessly stole from the BlackBerry BBM concepts.
    Apple is the king of lawsuits and they even try to patent "multi-touch" so if others made a better mouse trap and Steve got caught with his pants down that is his problem. Android is a very nice OS. My wife has an android phone and loves it. It is unfortunate that some great ideas get killed by large corporations just for personal gain.
  • Did I miss something? Someone else reaching out from the grave? Sorry you had a battle with cancer, nobody wishes that type of death on anyone but as for the rest... Android has been and will continue to head to the top and dominate. RIP.
  • The reality: Windows almost destroys Mac, Android destroys him (not iPhone yet). If Bill Gates did not agree to support Office on Mac in the 90s, Apple would not be here today. The payback Bill got is a bully: "Microsoft has no taste, I don't mean that in a small way, I meant that in a big way.". Comparing the two persons: a day and a night.
  • Um Failed, he's gone and after the Iphone 4s show, and the intro of the Prime, and Ice Cream Sandwich I say Apple has got to be playing catch up
  • What is the Prime? Who introduced the Prime? Did I miss something or are you referring to the Galaxy Nexus?
  • He is. There was speculation (before its release) that it would be called the Nexus Prime.
  • if that was steves big goal in failed miserably.
    activation 2 to 1 Against jobs life goal.
  • Food for Thought- Samsung is using the money they get from by selling components to Apple to fight their lawsuit against Apple. What would happen if Samsung decided to stop selling said components to Apple. Apple chose Samsung because they had the best product for the best price that Apple was willing to pay. So without out Samsung's components, would Apple be a more inferior product tomorrow than it is today? I'm just saying!
  • Douchebag!
  • Ding-dong the witch is dead
    the wicked witch, the wicked witch
    ding-dong the wicked witch is dead
  • Which came first? The Chicken, or the egg? The bottom line is that most people know all of this modern technology from the transistor to even flash memory really came from the alien crash site at Area 51. After that, the secrets were leaked out to tech companies both national and foreign, and the race was on from there.
  • +1 So there was some actual truth to the Transformers movies! I knew it.
  • So how did android steal ideas? The interfaces were completely different until the latest release of ios when apple stole the drop down notification bar. And the abiloty to run apps is not apples idea. An app is just another name for a program and last i checked apple didnt invent programs and have stolen more ideas from other companies than anyone else, then they lay claim to inventing it. This is typical apple being apple, trying to dis-credit its competition but making up lies. Now they are monopolizing on jobs' death. Evil evil evil corporation.
  • Steve Jobs was nothing but a trolling fanboy.
  • So much for that last dying breath. Apple will never destroy Android, if anything it will be the other way around.
  • If you screw, then so shall you be screwed!
  • After typing up a large multi-paragraph rant, I believe I can better summarize it with this: If he felt so compelled to behave that way - good riddance.
  • I think we can see why "Comments" were turned off on AC's Steve Jobs' death announcement blog.
  • I've never purchased an Apple product because I don't agree with many of their business practices. I also disagree with the disrespectful picture in this post. Stay classy, Android Central.
  • The world revolves around the idea of influence. For example... look at the movie The Lion King... a direct copy of Hamlet. Even Pixar (a Steve Jobs company) ripped off some Sharkespear writtings and called them their own, or at least didn't give credit where credit was due. People, groups, and companies tend to be influenced by great ideas and try to expound on them. You think WebOS was the first one to multi-task on a mobile device? No, but it was the first one that got it right. There were plenty of MP3 based music players before the iPod... Apple just did it better. Sure Android may have been influenced by Apple, but argumentavely, Google did it better. Without being able to take an idea and make it better, the world would be in a dark place. Think of it more like collaboration, with you not being invited to the meetings and your name not being put on the end product of said collaboration.
  • I would suggest you get the Lion King DVD and watch the extras. They explain where the inspiration for the movie came from and how it evolved from there. Loosing a parent to death was not unique to Shakespeare. Before you make a statement, either put in a disclaimer or actually have solid information and facts to back it up.
  • The Lion King was actually a direct ripoff of a Japanese show from the 60's. Not innovation or influence... just sayin.
  • Hahaha lmao comments on here are funny as hell and on point too.
  • That's pretty funny coming from one of the most successful thieves there ever was.
  • I would compare Steve Jobs to Henry Ford,the difference being Ford didn't claim to invent the automobile and vow to "destroy" Mercedes Benz.
  • I have used both webos and android in the past 2 years and a half (palm pre- epic 4g- nexus x 4g); recently i got an iphone. This have been the first time that i felt that i have a phone with a UI that doesnt feel like a beta of something and just works. Yeah everyone copies everything but what do you expect when almost about everything you could think of is already made? Also, the iphone may be behind in specs but they make it work way better than any android out :/.Lets face it the fact that android gets a new handset every 2 weeks hurts the ecosystem and the consumer. You can never buy an android and stay satisfied since a) there is only so much you can do without rooting, and b) short after you buy your android phone, you are already looking at rumors that a new device is getting released that is better than what you just bought. On a side note, all of this coming from an iphone hater and the phone just proved me wrong in about everything XD.
  • Not sure if troll... or Steve Jobs
  • Lol , was just posting my experience, Jobs didnt had to feel that way, and im sure google feels the same way towards the iphone; as the xbox guys wanna destroy the ps3; as verizon wants to destroy at&t. They all do in the inside :/, they all have tons of money anyhow...
  • I think most companies don't want to destroy their competition, they just want to be more successful.
  • I agree that the iPhone is ahead....for now. That gap is narrowing mighty quick. Thank heavens for Matias Duarte. This is Google's Steve Jobs. But I do disagree with your last two points. I have a Nexus One. I've never rooted the phone. And I've been happy with it. It's only now that I starting to feel the need for a new phone after nearly two years of owning the phone. Had I been an iPhone owner, I probably would have felt the same way. It's only guys who go on tech blogs that are never happy with their phones. Regular folk go into a cellphone shop once every two years. They get what they like then and don't really think about it again for another two years. Cellphone geeks though keep worrying about what's latest and greatest. And with Android having such a huge ecosystem that means there's something new every week.
  • Hahaha what r you doing here then? xD
  • Actually, if you look at the latest marketing numbers, the iPhone isn't ahead at all. Some Apple-happy tech sites like the state the fact that Apple is the largest manufacturer in the world, which is true. But it's also deceptive. They are the largest *manufacturer* of phones in the world. But if you actually look at the numbers of iPhones vs Android Phones around the world, Google has almost double the mobile market share that Apple does. Apple has the largest "manufacturer" percentage against any other single company, but not when you combine Samsung, HTC, Motorolla, LG, and Huawei Android phones. That presents some *very* different numbers :) Just more of the media making the numbers fit what they want people to think.
  • As much as it pains me, I'll give Apple some credit. Their products are very aesthetically pleasing and working well together. That's the advantage of having the same company that makes the hardware also making the software. The also take their time R&D'ing. One improved design ever year or so. Android OEMs make many handsets many times a year for every pricing level - entry, mid, and high.
  • It's also easy to make everything work well together when you only have 25 moving parts. Yes iOS runs well on less memory, but that's because it's a less sophisticated (or "complicated", if you like that word better) OS. As a programmer, I can tell you that the iOS code is probably less than 1/3 that of the Android code. Simple rule: more lines of code, means much more chances for small bugs. I can't tell you for sure, cause Apple guys in suits would likely show up at my door if I even did a Google search for the iOS source code, but I'm pretty confident in that statement.
  • lol there is only so much you can do without rooting? Uhhh really? Coming from someone rocking an iPhone? All you can do on iOS is set tones and a wallpaper lol. Android you can set custom tones, download new widgets, change the widgets skins, wallpaper, live wallpaper etc. I owned an iPhone 3G and 4 for almost 2 years and hated Android. I always had to jailbreak to do ANYTHING I wanted to do on the iPhone (including giving myself features Apple said I couldn't have for some reason). Since switching to Android I haven't looked back. I don't give a rats behind WTF the phone app icon looks like I care how the app works. IMO Android works better for me and a ton others. Also just because better phones come out doesn't mean it's bad for the consumer. It gives you choice. If I get the Galaxy Nexus a better spec phone may come out in December or January but who cares? Some people care but the vast majority don't and fall in love with the device they have. Hell look at all the people still rocking the OGDroid and the DINC.
  • Have I rooted my Photon? Yes I have, but that was only to get wifi tether. All the other customizations on my phone have been done without the need to root. Technology is growing/changing fast and no matter what you buy (cell phone, TV, computer, tablet, ect.), something new is either going to be available right around the corner or rumored to be released 'soon'.
  • How on earth can hardware choices hurt the Android "ecosystem?" The wealth of hardware options available to Android users is the very reason I'm dumping my iPhone 4 in favor of something else. Anyone buying an iPhone is stuck with a 3.5" screen, a virtual keyboard, no 4G, an OS that resists customization and a weird, proprietary connector. If you want something else, that's too bad -- unless you get something not made by Apple, of course. By the way, Android owners aren't the only ones that had to put up with rumors that what they just bought was about to be obsolete. Notice all that hype over the iPhone 4S? Pay any attention to the big screens, dual-core CPUs and honestly useful updates to the OS that have hit the Android "ecosystem" over the past year? Notice the 4S was released with specs that had already been trumped by HTC and the like? The threat that a phone is coming out that is better than what you just bought is always going to be out there if you're paying attention. That doesn't matter one whit if you got the exact hardware profile you wanted on the front end and set the device up like you wanted.
  • You can't stay satisfied with an android phone because shortly after buying it there are rumors that something better is getting released? That is the oddest thinking I've ever heard. If android was only available on one phone, would you be satisfied then? Are you satisfied with your current iphone just because there is no other option if you want an iphone? Do you like having someone else decide what you want and when you want it? Does owning an iphone make you oblivious to the many other phones out there that are better than what you just bought? I'm not aiming these questions directly at you. Just giving you another way to think of your statement. Personally, I find the iphone to be incredibly boring and something that would never satisfy me. I can't do what *I* want on it, only what Apple allows me to. Others have said it better in replies below yours, but suffice it to say that the features I desire in a smartphone such as user customization are scarce on the iphone. Your logic is consistent with an iphone users mindset... which not a bad thing at all. You found exactly what you wanted and are completely satisfied. You just assume that others think as you do, and they do not.
  • And to think Google/Samsung postponed they’re great unveiling in respect of the passing of this douche.
  • Steve Jobs = Hypocrisy at it's finest. He was nothing more than a salesman and great marketeer. If it weren't for Steve Wozniak there would be no Apple Computer. Xerox PARC.. GUI and mouse. Widgets in OS X... you mean Linux desktop environments like Windowmaker and Enlightenment? Yeah they had them WAY before OS X. Webkit... KHTML. OS X.. Unix. Jobs while he may have been a great husband or friend which I can't speak on was a complete wunderturd in the business world. Lying through his teeth and the eternal hypocrite. We don't need an App store. Then came Cydia... then came the Apple App Store. We don't need multi-tasking. iOS 4 anyone? Flash is dead on mobile devices and HTML 5 is the future! Guess he didn't get the memo on the dual and quad core A9's coming out? There are plenty others out there too. Ooh and lets not forget one of his best quotes. "Good artists copy. Great Artists steal" Steve Jobs a hypocrite to the end.
  • Yeah, don't forget folders, backgrounds, notification bar and voice control. I wonder what ideas they will steal from Android in iOS 6 as Android extends it's lead.
  • Wow know I have zero respect for this guy. Apple has been stealing ideas from the jailbreak community for a long time. And now he stole ideas from Android.
  • Jobs deserves a tremendous amount of respect for resurrecting Apple from near annihilation to the consumer mind-share goliath it is today, but ravings like this make it sound like he held on too long.
  • Cammon guys ,
    This Apple-Android mess is getting out of control Just enjoy whatever you want whatever it is (Android , IOS , WP7 ... you can use a dunpphone) Just let it go, for god's sake
  • But that's exactly the issue. Jobs wanted to prevent people from having that choice. Rather than recognize the contributions others made to his products and accept that he'd be contributing ideas to other people's products, he wanted to sue the competition out of business. Pair that with his insistence that there's only one right way to do things (his) and you're simply an ignorant fool if you don't agree with his way if thinking, and you have a very dangerous situation. He didn't want people to "Think Differently," he wanted them to think like him. He had no problem with an Orwellian world if he was the one on the screen shouting.
  • +1 to the 1984 reference.
  • Wow are you Google Fanboys in denial......
  • lol Troll much? The "after" they give is a Sense UI NOT Google's Android. It's a skin on top of Android. Jesus learn before trolling Apple fanboy!
  • Yes, apple makes good hardware that needs an otterbox case to keep it from shattering if dropped. If you think a rectangle should be patented then you are just as crazy as Steve.
  • It's the iTards that are in denial. The only thing apple did first was duct tape a touch screen to a smart phone. There where smart phones, and there were touch screen phones, and android existed. That is not innovation, it is integration - two words apple and it's sheep frequently get confused. Also, Steve seems to be in denial as to the ways of the world. Combining components created by others first does not grant you an monopoly on that combination. If that were there case, there would only be one brand of car, one brand of TV, one brand of CD player, one brand of receiver, etc on the market today - imagine how bad that would suck. Also if he had his way, we'd all be stuck with one avenue for media consumption - one created by steve in a back room pole fest with the studios designed to bend the world over without lube. No thanks.
  • Wow... Troll much? How about how the LG Prada looked before the iPhone? Apple hasn't done anything original or innovative in a VERY VERY long time. What they have done is re-package existing technologies and present them to the sheeple as new and marvelous and they drink the kool-aid.
  • It actually looks like the prototype to the HTC Status (Facebook phone)... just without touch capabilities. So in other words, Android still uses this design and also gives its consumers CHOICE, unlike Apple.
  • He was so delusional. Android existed in every way except the touch screen before the iPhone came out, which stole everything it had from a few other devices and combined them. And now, years later, every new "idea" in iOS has been stolen from Android. Apple doesn't have ideas, they bundle ideas from others. What a hypocrite, I guess hate really does kill you from the inside.
  • Funny how the Android phones looked exactly like the RIM phones then all of sudden looked like the iPhones when they came out. Now that innovation!!
  • Its funny that iOS 5 will have a notification bar, widgets, and voice controls....seems like I've seen that somewhere before. Oh yeah, ON MY ANDROID POWERED THUNDERBOLT. Steve just couldnt handle the competition. Greedy f@cks like that are the reason this country is in the postion it's in now...and Samsung and Google had enough respect for him to postpone their announcement....SMH
  • Android wasnt the first to have any of those things though. Do you say that Android stole from Windows Mobile or any of the other OS's out there? Probably not. What competition? Apple's profit margins are through the roof. Android will always have a higher market share because EVERY phone released these days has Android. Apple makes one new model per year. Amazing that a man who brought his company back from the brink of destruction to become one of the giants of the tech world is called greedy for protecting his interests.
  • The point isn't that Android was the first to have those features, it's that it's hypocritical for Jobs to accuse Android of "stealing" features from iOS, then turn around and integrate features from Android (or WebOS, or Symbian, or whatever) into iOS. Steve clearly lived by the "Do as I say, and not as I do" motto.
  • There's some sad, sad comments on this post.
  • well hes dead so im guessing he fucking failed. Should have used his last breath on surgery haha
  • A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?
  • Wow...this comment section is among the most disgusting things I've seen in a while. You are so wrapped up in the phones you use that you disrespect a dead man? I guess EVERY person who respected Jobs is wrong about his influence and intelligence. If you prefer to use Android then fine, but it's not life and death. ALL companies borrow and improve on other ideas. It's not always about what you do, its about doing it better than the next guy. Apple has succeeded at that in some ways. Every person that uses an Apple product isn't a mindless sheep. Some just identify with the core values of those devices, and they are entitled to that. Threads like this present the Android community in a terribly unflattering light.
  • I'm not disrespecting the "dead guy" as you put it, I just find it odd that he wanted to destroy Android for stealing "Apple's" ideas when they do the same thing. As for the "its about doing it better than the other guy" comment, that's been said time and time again by iPhone fans. Not sure who fed that to them but it seems like a personal montra for them. In that very statement they're admitting that Apple hasn't come up with anything new, they just took it from someone else and supposedly made it "better". I've been to iPhone forums and they're just as bad there so don't turn a blind eye to them.
  • Im not turning a blind eye to anything. I dont even visit those forums for that very reason. That doesn't mean whats going on inside these comments is okay. To say Apple has never come up with anything new is simply disingenuous and doesn't even need to be argued. Just like its dumb to say Android phones "stole" the multitouch slab phone with all glass display from Apple (which could be argued), its silly to say Apple never innovated in any of their products. ALL ideas come from somewhere. They get improved over time until someone changes everything, then the cycle repeats. What's funny is, I buy nothing but Android phones. I never said I was an "iPhone fan." I'm a fan of logic and accuracy though.
  • It's not that *every* iPhone user is a sheep, but a good many are. Part of the reason for the "unflattering" comments to this article is because we (the Android community) frequently deal with the kind of mindset that is portrayed by Jobs' quote. It really becomes laughable after a while, but still mildly frustrating on some level. I think part of the problem, honestly, is lines like "some just identify with the code values of those devices". What is the "core value" of an iPhone? I wasn't aware that mobile electronics had values. I mean, would you iPhone blush if you got a text message of a naked woman? I'm still trying to understand what words like "core values" means in context of a phone. If you think about it, you have to admit it sounds a little bit silly, doesn't it? But, if you like (or love) your iPhone, then great. I have friends that love theirs as well. And the only time I'll get into the little "sparing" match with them is when they start it, and even then it usually dies pretty quick. The iPhone does definitely have its nice qualities. And both sides have, at times, presented a pretty unflattering face and I agree that it needs to stop. Or at least scale back to a slightly more civil level, but this kind of thing has existed for years, long before the iPhone or Android existed. Remember the old Mac vs PC commercials? Or how about the long debates you could get into with friends about whether Linux was faster and more stable than Windows? It's nothing new. Humans are animals, in the end. Animals are naturally competitive. It's survival of the fittest, and we have an inborn *need* to prove our worth. That said, if you throw a rock at someone, you should be prepared for them to throw one back. And if their's just happens to be a bit larger and their aim a little better, then don't expect a lot of sympathy when you end up with a black eye or your feelings hurt :)
  • Not disrespecting the dead is the biggest names crock of shite going.
    I don't recall anyone thinking bad of anyone saying Hitler was an evil, racist, murdering SOB. The because that's a fairly accurate character assessment of the SOB. I'm not comparing Steve Jobs to Hitler just making a point. If a man was a theif before he died then he was a thief. My wife's dad was an adulterous jerk who I would not let near my kids. Just now Steve Jobs can't sue us. Steve Jobs is dead imho he wasted his last moments on earth being all bitter and twisted about android. Instead of spending the last days with friends family and loved ones. He made apple waste millions of dollars on lawyers instead of spending on R&D. By his own admission he would have bankrupted apple to pursue the patent claims..those millions could have been spent to make the iPhone truly great but no he obviously could come up with anything better and knew it. So his only option was to sue the pants of anyone who was a threat ie Samsung, HTC, etc. Hell how long did it take for the apple techs to either figure out how to turn off or for SJ to let them turn off the warning the device I just plugged my iPhone into wasn't designed for iPhone? 5 full OS versions that's how long.
  • Well, he spent his last dying breath, and Android is still kickin' and better than ever. Guess Steve lost that battle. Kinda hard to be respectful when facts like that come out, eh?
  • How's it feel taking that dirt nap? LOLOLOLOL..
    FU Jobs.. You stole tech sh!t too, so don't go preachin to the choir ahole..
    Say hi to Satan while your at it for me dbag!
  • iRIP . . . Ddrroooiidddd
  • This looks like its going to be a very interesting read. I can't wait to buy it on Google Books and read it on my Honeycomb Tablet. Maybe I will listen to it during my work commutes via Audible for Android on my Google Nexus S. Afterwards, I'll probably post my thoughts and comments on Google+ from my Chromebook.
  • Jobs had a negative side - he could totally close one mind during a rant; a bit like Zaphod Beeblebrox. Both suffered from chronically over-inflated egos. Lots of people do that and mostly friends ignore them when they do. Unfortunately Apple fans cant question Job's opinions, he holds a special position - like a cult leader. Smart-Phones have deep roots, many companies and individuals played a part in their development over some 15 years. Apple was not the first and it wont be the last. The iPhone had a few good ideas, but they built on existing ideas and concepts, just like everyone else. The problem with Jobs and Apple is their bland assumption that they "own it all" regardless. That is why I don't buy Apple equipment.
  • Haha Hitchhiker's reference. Seems like you only hear those on Android sites. :P
  • Hitchin hikers guide to the the galaxy is a bit subtle for your average iPhone user imho ;) Just lucky SJ wasn't into Vogon poetry. Tho he did try to run a hyper space bypass through Samsung's reception.
  • Oh boy. Thanks AC for fanning the fanboy flames. I think you have all watched Star Wars too many times - the delusions of grandeur in these comments is ridiculous. You are supporting one giant company (Google) over another equally giant company (Apple) like you were the Rebels fighting the Empire. And lets not forget that Android already has a greater market share than Apple, so you aren't the plucky, ragtag band of rebels fighting "evil" that liken yourself too. If these comments were coming from PreCentral, this might be understandable. But you are the majority. We are the majority. I am an Android user. I use many Google products because they work for me. Your phone, the operating system you use, and the apps you download are just a tools - they don't define you. And if you let yourself be defined by a phone? Well... aren't there more important things in life? I'm sure this post will be torn to shreds and I will be called all sorts of names and such. So write your vitriol on an anonymous forum - I won't ever see it because I won't read this post again, and if you attack me you will only be proving that you have nothing constructive to say and are voting for verbal diarrhea over discourse. Congratulations Android is objectively better than iOS! Or is it that iOS is objectively better than Android? I don't know. I don't care. Have a nice day.
  • I think the point, here, is that Google doesn't claim that Apple stole its ideas and needs to be "destroyed".
  • I couldn't agree more. Probably the wisest comment on this thread...
  • now i'm 100% sure that the bad press the iPhone 4S was getting after it's release because people were underwhelmed caused a reaction in him and probably exacerbated his "PC" condition leading to his untimely death...
  • Apple wasn't even first to the "iPhone" name and very little about it is original. Google "Linksys iPhone" and see for yourself.
  • How much longer would Steve Jobs lived if he wasn't so bitter and twisted about android? Personally I think that the death of Steve Jobs will be to Apple what the death of Colonel Sanders was to KFC.
    Ie true product innovation ie Colonel Sanders never allowed any recipe other than original recipe. Now we have Hot and Spicy.. I hope apple really goes ahead without the mill stone that was Steve Jobs but as Steve Jobs idolised the founder of polaroid so much. It wouldn't surprise me apple goes the same way as Polaroid a shadow of its former glory... On the who stole what from whom..
    A friend of mine who was a rabid Commodore 4000 fan. He got to play with an alpha release of windows 95 and he swears that it was even the same colour as Workbench 3
  • For years the worst enemy of Apple were the users... How many times have you heard macs don't crash or macs don't get viruses.... I personally and many of my friends never wanted to be identified as a Mac user. Because many of the Mac users we knew were which jerks about it especially when we rocked up with a game or program that wasn't available on mac. My brother who is a production manager of a news paper had 2 design / prepress departments one mac one pc. He use to say he would walk in to the mac dept and all he could hear was what he called the Mac chorus ie the bong sound a mac makes when it restarts. The he would ask a mac user
    "what happened..? "
    "oh it just restarted "
    "you mean crashed???? "
    "oh no macs don't crash... " was the inevitable reply
    Well at the end of the day when the productivity of 2 departments was compared. The PC departments was way more than double.
    So the mac dept was shut down and the users told use a PC or leave.... Most of the idiots left short after totally unable to adapt. True story. Even now I was showing an iPhone using work colleague Theft Alert and she kept saying "can you put that on my phone? " I kept saying No but it just didn't seem to sink in. The each time I showed her each amazing feature she asked the same question again....
  • Apple attacks top Android players, when an opportunity presents itself. As Samsung discovered, they go after the strongest competitor in a sector they claim to own (in this case Smart-Phones and Tablets). Steve Jobs reminds me of Captain Jack Aubrey in Patrick O'Brian's books. "Straight at em!" This attitude reveals a lot about the fictional character and perhaps the legacy "Jobs mindset" inside Apple management. This is a company with subtlety, secrecy, cleverness and style in design; but in attack mode, they think in straight lines and go for the throat. If attacked by Apple, don't get mad - be subtle and attack from the rear. Samsung have tried to reply in kind (almost in anger) and it's getting them nowhere. Yet, Apple really depend on them for parts. How about helping Apple's competitors to hit the sectors Apple claim to own? "If you hit me, my customers will be stealing your markets while your back is turned." Redirecting Apple, could be a better approach they fighting them directly in the courts.
  • Who was the real innovator Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? Bill was said to have stolen loads of stuff that made win 95 just as Steve Jobs about the Mac. What Bill did that was absolute genius was to offer a very cheap and usable operating system, windows 95 and to the PC manufacturers of the time. The which most took up...... Over night defacto industry standard. He did the much the same thing with Internet Explorer. Bill Gates imho kicked off the home PC revolution. The in ways that if you had problems we all knew some geek who could help. I think Bill did way more for the human race than what Steve Jobs every did. Quite simply we would not be where we are now without Bill Gates and Microsoft. Not to mention Bill's charity work..... What's the defacto standard for smart phone OS? I bet its pretty close to being Android. Google have done much the same thing as what Bill Gates did. Absolute genius...
  • What a total Douchebag! "Android stole my idea", ummm no they didn't. You stole it from Palm, then Blackberry made it better, then Apple made it better, and finally Android makes it the best. He is just a pouty baby. Sorry Android sells more phones and is innovating their products at twice the speed of the iPhone. Is Google taking your profits? :'( Maybe Nike should sue Asics and New Balance for stealing the running shoe idea. Or I think Ford should sue the Japanese car makers for using the production line since they make a better car. I think the USA should sue the whole country of Japan for taking the transistor and running with the idea. Don't cry Steve. Oh wait you're dead, so I'll shed one tear for you.
  • Imagine all those people who work for apple who are now Jobless.....;-)
  • You know what, I skipped to the comment box after the first 10 comments. Why? Because most of you are sounding like fanboys. Most of the comments I read sound like this: Android is better because Apple sucks odd that the little I've browsed iPhone sites, usually have a lot of comments like this: iPhone is better because Android sucks Personally I'd rather use an OS that isn't so locked down as iPhone is to iTunes. That's just me. I've run BB, and now taking a hard look at Android. Not to say I'll buy one for sure, but its much more likely then iPhone. And really, lets take a step back. Competition is a great thing. if iOS wasn't so successful and easy to use, where would Android be right now if not for that competition? Would the drive to innovate and become slick, fast, and user friendly be as strong if it wasn't for iOS? Rag on Apple/iOS all you want. Say how much they suck, and that's fine. Every product out there has die-hard fans no matter how good or terrible that product is. All I know is that personally I believe a few things. 1)Competition only forces companies to evolve and improve (yes usually by looking at what other products are out there, taking some of those ideas and "improving" them)
    2)If it wasn't for iOS becoming the "cool/hipster" thing to have, Android and Blackberry probably wouldn't have had as much insentive to evolve to where they are now
    3)Finally, Competition provides choice. Nobody is forcing YOU to use iOS, or Android for that matter. Oh yeah, and remember: Saying one thing is better because something else sucks is shallow and childish. Its like saying "I am smarter then you, because you are dumb". Back up what you say. Give reasons. (Oh yeah and for those of you who throw out tidbits about how iOS copied Palm, or where Palm copied someone else, or where Android "stole" this idea from somewhere else: Thanks. At least you're backing up your opinion)
  • Destroy Android? Hey Steve (wherever you are now), how did that work out for you?
  • My my we have some delusional comments on here. Sure Apple is as guilty of copying ideas as Microsoft and many others. But Google makes them all look like girl scouts selling cookies. Google are to innovation what Hitler was to racial equality.