Slip and slide through a new frozen world in Temple Run 2's latest update

Wildly popular endless runner Temple Run 2 is getting some fresh new content courtesy of a new ice-cold world to explore in the new Frozen Shadows expansion. As the first entry in a slew of updates that are set to hit the game over the next year, players will find themselves slipping and sliding through ice tunnels on a giant Demon Monkey skull.

In addition to the new world, players can also perform some new stunts as they jump and slide through the frozen environment. The expansion also includes some new artifacts, some appropriately themed winter costumes, and a new Demon Monkey to chase down players.

So, it looks like avid Temple Run 2 fans have a lot to look forward to with Frozen Shadows. If you want to start sliding your way through the game, you can grab the latest update on Google Play now.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster