HTC Sense 6 on an HTC One M7

Sprint is rolling out an update to the HTC One M7 which brings a bunch of its software features up to date with the M8, namely with the inclusion of the Sense 6 interface. The native TV, camera app, and Blinkfeed are also getting an upgrade as a part of the rollout.

HTC Sense 6 adds a bunch of stuff, which you can read about in our HTC One M8 review, but in broad strokes, it makes for flatter user interface, there are new motion controls included, handy power management options, and of course, the BlinkFeed home screen reader.

This update [started working its way into Europe and Canada earlier this month, not to mention [-Mobile not long ago. HTC has a status page that shows Verizon's update is complete (though that hasn't yet rolled out to users) and that AT&T is still in the works. At this rate, it won't be long until all U.S. carriers have pushed it out.

Sprint HTC One M7 owners, have you received the update yet? Are you digging it? How many of you M7 owners don't have Sense 6 yet?

Source: Sprint