Seidio's been a major part of the mobile accessory world for a long time, and we've always used a variety of their cases like the DILEX Pro, that sports two layers with a strong exoskeleton, the CONVERT Combo, that's similar to the OtterBox Defender, and of course the slimmest of the bunch — the SURFACE Case.

So, what's Seidio done differently this time around for the HTC One M9? Well, for starters, they've added a thin, shock absorbent TPU layer that sits inside the exterior polycarbonate shell. It's nothing like the thickness of their DILEX Pro, but slim enough to not affect the original size of the SURFACE Case. An extra layer of protection without bulking things up? We'll take it.

"We've redesigned our SURFACE case to make it even better and still kept the sleek design users have come to know and love."

On this new interior skin is Seidio's "Hexguard" technology which claims to provide extra cushioning during impacts. Essentially, it's just a series of hexagons formed into the skin. All the other original features of the SURFACE Case remain, such as the soft-touch coating, slide and snap assembly, and a soft interior that keeps the back of your HTC One M9 safe from scuffs over time.

We're all about change, especially if it's to improve the cases for HTC One M9. And Seidio seems to have made the right decision with the new SURFACE Case design. What do you think?

Source: Seidio Online