One of the coolest features of Android 2.1 (and the Nexus One) has to be the new voice input feature--it uses an awesome, always-learning speech-to-text engine that displays whatever you say on any text input screen. All via voice. You just tap the microphone button and say what you want, it'll process and then display those words on the screen. Really amazing stuff that works pretty darn well.

But one slight problem? That microphone button used to launch voice input is frustratingly small, it's just too hard to find and press. Luckily, if you just simply swipe your finger across the entire keyboard, you'll bring up the voice input and it'll work like usual. Swipe across the keyboard, say what you say, works like magic. Voila.

Note: this only works in Android 2.1

Hit the jump to see a video of it in action! Starts around the 25 second mark.