The Sony Xperia Z3, the new Moto X, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, LG G3, OnePlus One and several other smartphones have something in common. They are powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors. In a demo station from a Qualcomm party last night in New York City, we got a glimpse of the power of WiGig. It's a wireless technology that will be integrated with Snapdragon 810 processors next year that support transfers up to 7 Gbps.

The booth had two prototype Android tablets powered by Snapdragon 810 processors. They were connected to each other wirelessly via peer-to-peer connection. One tablet was streaming 4k video stored from the other tablet. Even while the tablets were streaming 4k content, there was still about 1.5 Gbps of bandwidth available. That means you can still quickly transfer files between the two tablets while streaming 4k video. That's insane.

Snapdragon 810

As more smartphones feature 4k video recording, we are going to notice that these files are freakin' huge. Transferring the files to our computer for editing or streaming to other devices will be instantaneous… if they are all WiGig-enabled.

We won't see devices with Snapdragon 810 processors until next year. What do you think? Do you look forward to instant 4k streaming or super fast file transfers? Let us know in the comments.