Qualcomm announced a new software development kit for anybody getting in on augmented reality apps for devices like the Samsung Gear VR or Google Glass. Qualcomm's Vuforia SDK will enable augmented reality apps with this burgeoning sector of devices, mainly by easing the process of calibrating position. Big players like Epson have already been working with Vuforia and are liking what it has to offer.

The use cases for augmented reality and VR hybrid apps can include education, gaming and shopping, but really, this is still a very new area. With the right tools, developers are in a position to explore entirely new types of apps we haven't even imagined yet. With any luck, Vuforia can be one of those enablers.

Developers interested in getting involved with the new SDK can head over to Vuforia's home page. Do you guys see yourselves using augmented reality apps any more often with eyewear involved?