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Prepare for The Avengers movie with the Iron Man Mark VII interactive comic

The Avengers will assemble on May 4th in theaters and is sure to be a hit given Marvel's past record with some of their box office entries. To celebrate celebrate and offer fans something to hold them over until the movie is released, Marvel has teamed up with Loud Crow comics to offer Iron Man Mark VII in the Google Play Store. It features music from the soundtrack, 15 pages of interactive slides that react to different touches and offers a read to me mode. No doubt, it's a promo app but it's a really cool promo app and worth a look if you're a Marvel Comics fan.

  • I think my 4 year old will love it. Sadly another reason for him to use my tablet.
  • I'm a comic book geek (and proud of it) so I checked this out. It's pretty cool. I haven't been able to really get into online comics. The interface is fine, I think I just like the feel of the book in my hand and being able to really study the art. Maybe someday I will make the switch. I will enjoy checking this out though, the motion portion of it is kind of fun :)
  • Love this! As a comic book fan, Invincible Iron Man reader (sucks he was recently bullied into wearing a device that measures his B.A.C. so if it's too high he can't use the Iron Man suit) and casual digital comic book reader...this is awsesome.
  • I'd purchase comic books on Android if they were all like this. Of course I've never checked to see if they are :)
  • It says it's for 2.2+, but the Play Store says it's incompatible with my Samsung Vibrant. Any ideas why? Maybe the screen's too small?