Eight Galaxys, six Gs and three weeks [#acpodcast]

This week, Daniel, Russell, Jerry and Andrew tell the tale of three phones, each with different prospects for the worldwide handset market.

The LG G6 is coming soon, and it's a known quantity. With three weeks between its released (April 7) and the Galaxy S8 (April 28), what does LG need in order to capitalize on that gap? And will giving away free Google Homes and big-screen TVs make a difference in the long run?

And then there's the Galaxy S8 itself, which has a lot going for it but the unknowns are still plentiful. From the removal of the famous front home button to the busy sensor panel above the Super AMOLED display, Samsung seems to be courting a fair amount of controversy — and the phone hasn't even been announced!

Finally, HTC's U Ultra is kind of DOA, but it's also an example of how HTC, even in its diminished state, never stops striving for that premium spot in the market.

Oh, and Russell needs a plumber. Anyone know one?

Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Samsung has done a very, very good job of keeping the S8 in the news, with the gradual, tactical release of another "leak" almost every day. Poor LG has gotten less coverage for their released phone than Samsung has for their rumors.
  • It's that Samsung marketing machine at work. Haha this is just the beginning
  • The G6 is the Government cheese handset for 2016 the handset people need freebies with. Get your free furniture, cars, TV's, and cheese sandwiches. You can only laugh at LG with it's wannabe Note5 or S6 copied design, 22gb of usable storage, overpriced handset going nowhere
  • What does LG need to do. Well they probably won't get a lot of the people coming off of a G4 or V10 considering the number of bootloop and other defects that cropped up on them. It may not have been as dramatic as a phone catching fire, but LG badly handled owners of those two phones (and the Nexus 5) which all had a similar main circuit board. Doubt there is any love there and I know those who suffered are closely watching the progress of the class action lawsuit that got filed. With the S8 coming out so soon, a lot of people will just wait to compair deals and reviews. Although first reviews may not mean much with some issues only showing up with months of use. Some will wait for the V30, or some other fall release. Myself, yes I'm one of the screwed over V10 bootloop suffers. I'll wait until after my repaired V10 is paid off. That should be right around Black Friday. I'll look for a deal on something with a history, a history of reliability. It probably won't be a LG.
  • In the UK we get the runt of the G6 litter, no wireless charging, no 64gb and no high quality DAC. Sorry LG, but we are not a third world country, give us the full package or we aren't going to buy it. And I can't see the point of having a glass back on a phone with no wireless charging.
  • Amen to that... I'm in the UK also and getting sick of being on the back burner too...
  • Well, you did lose the Revolutionary War...
  • Daniel, I think you guys are killing it personally. I could do with a little less smartwatch talk, but it's in the Android space. Kinda comes with the territory. I get that. Love what you guys do.
  • Thanks so much!
  • This makes me wonder how many people actually listen to the end of the show.