Android Central Podcast Ep. 58

Thing 1 - Google IO recap

  • Ice Cream Sandwich officially announced, coming in Q4
  • Android Honeycomb to get updated to 3.1, will bring Google TV support and much more
  • Google announces Android at Home, functionality ideas seem endless
  • Google announces a team that will create guidelines for device updates
  • Music Beta by Google page now live, accepting invite requests [Update: Music app now in the Market]
  • Movies now available to rent from Android Market
  • About Android Open Accessories

Thing 2 - Latest reviews

  • Samsung Infuse 4G review
  • T-Mobile G2X review
  • LG Optimus 3D initial review and hands-on
  • Droid Incredible 2 review
  • Sonos for Android review

Thing 3 - Other odds and ends

  • Reminder: New Verizon 4G LTE areas are live today
  • Google rolling out server-side fix for Android sidejacking issue
  • AT&T confirms non-market app installs coming to existing phones
  • Droid X2 officially announced, available May 26 for $199
  • HTC, Verizon working on ThunderBolt reboots
  • More Android Market security woes -- and a novel idea to fix them from Sophos
Phil Nickinson
  • for the video streaming to your device, you should be able to do it w/ VLC Player
  • What did you feed Mickey before this podcast? ;)
    Jerry thinks Apple only cares about themselves? Of course they do, they are a business seeking revenue. Do we think Google is an all benevolent entity? Remember when Google pledged their allegiance to the red horned Carrier in support of allowing wireless carriers to limit internet access to end users?
  • For the gentleman who "just can't understand" why someone would want to turn off data: #1. the caller who volunteered his time to leave you the voicemail /said/ he got improved battery life out of it. #2. We get it, you'd never turn off data because you don't want a "no data, no nothing" scenario (as if all apps and all functionality requires mobile data and the android device becomes a paperweight). Just don't deride folks who make to decision to turn it off. Some of us poor folk like me can't afford data and make do with wifi when it's available and offline-capable apps (like CoPilot nav) when wifi is not available. If you want to pay for me to have a data plan I promise I'll leave it on 24/7. I won't even complain if it's 2G.