Android Central Podcast Episode 49

Top o' the news - AC goes to Google!

  • Phil visits the Android statues!
  • Google posts Honeycomb event video
  • Android Market webstore now online!
  • In-app purchasing comes to Android apps
  • Hands-on with Words with Friends for Android (and it's coming this month!)
  • Fingers-on with Tap Tap Revenge for Android
  • Google Body peels back the layers to get under your skin
  • Dungeon Defenders on a dual-core Honeycomb tablet as awesome as you think
  • Hands-on with Pulse News for Android Honeycomb tablets
  • Hands-on with We Rule for Android
  • Hands-on with Swiftkey for Android tablets
  • Honeycomb allows for quick-change of on-screen keyboards
  • Hands-on with WeatherBug for tablets
  • SI's Android tablet app a testament to Sports Illustrated's legacy
  • CNN's Android tablet app a model of how to present an overflow of news
  • Intuit with Go Payment lets you settle the bill quickly and easily

Hardware news

  • Hands-on with the HTC Inspire 4G
  • AT&T up to its old tricks -- no sideloading apps on the HTC Inspire 4G
  • AT&T Inspire 4G available Feb 13th for $99 on contract
  • AT&T announces Atrix 4G launch details: $199 on contract, available March 6 (or earlier), pre-order Feb. 13
  • Screen shot, leaked (and pulled) video point to possible Feb. 14 Best Buy launch of the HTC ThunderBolt
  • Another look at the upcoming HTC 'Saga'
  • LG hypes Optimus 3D (or something else): Something bigger is coming on your way
  • LG Optimus 3D appears in 2D form
  • T-Mobile presents the Galaxy S 4G
  • V for Virgin! LG Optimus V is available today at Radio Shack for $149

Software news

  • Official Blogger for Android app now available in the Android Market
  • Google Maps updated, check-in with Latitude added

OS update news

  • Motorola Cliq XT left to die with Cupcake
  • Samsung and Verizon pushing fix for the Fascinate's emergency calls, other issues

Tablet news

  • T-Mobile drops LG G-slate details -- Honeycomb, 8.9-inch screen, 3D graphics
  • Honeycomb on Nook Color updated with major fixes
  • Barnes & Noble pulling Nook Color for 2 weeks--to ready anti-root measures?
Phil Nickinson