Android Central Podcast Ep. 75

Thing 1: Samsung Galaxy Nexus

  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus announced
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus launching in US, Europe and Asia this November
  • Three, O2 and Vodafone to carry Galaxy Nexus in the UK
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus specs
  • Calling all speed demons - Galaxy Nexus!
  • Google updates Nexus site with Galaxy Nexus details
  • Camera rig shots reveal Galaxy Nexus with Verizon 4G LTE
  • Poll: Do you still incorrectly believe that megapixels are everything?

Thing 2: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

  • Google officially announces Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Will my phone get Ice Cream Sandwich? Here are our update predictions
  • New Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich wallpapers
  • Ice Cream Sandwich: What happens next
  • Relive the Ice Cream Sandwich/Galaxy Nexus event all over again
  • HTC on ICS: 'reviewing its features and functionality to determine our upgrade plans'
  • Ice Cream Sandwich SDK now available
Phil Nickinson
  • Wow Jerry's beard is looking more epic than ever haha. Surprised it does not have it's own G+ profile yet lol.
  • Proof that it's getting close to Halloween.
    Are they calling in from their prison cells or what?
  • Anyway to subscribe to the video feed?
  • Too much iPhone and Samsung crap :(
  • i like Samsung... some other ppl do too...
  • Comment deleted.
  • I was hoping there would be more talk on the Droid RAZR :-(
  • We know AC hates moto and Samsung bribes them for publicity
  • Jerry why were you acting like Motorola hasn't been using OMAP processors and just started? The Droid(1) was OMAP, Droid X, Droid 2 and all it's variants, Droid 3, Droid Bionic and now the Razr. I thought they only used Tegra 2 because the OMAP 4430's weren't ready at the time.
  • Very true. I agree that the switch to Tegra2 for the Droid X2, Photon, Atrix, and the Xoom was due to the OMAP 4430s not being ready yet at the time.