Android Central Podcast Episode 1!

Top o' the news

  • Apple files suit against HTC, alleging patent infringement [updated]

Hardware news

  • Motorola Cliq XT (aka the Zeppelin) spotted with T-Mobile branding
  • Motorola Cliq XT priced at $129.99 on contract with T-Mobile ($329.99 outright)
  • Nexus One reportedly coming to Verizon on March 23

Software news

  • Review: The new HTC Sense interface on Android phones
  • How to: Put custom ROMs on Nexus One
  • HTC's new Sense user interface ported to the Motorola Droid
  • Nexus One finally gets some color into its trackball
  • How to: Play Quake III Arena on the Motorola Droid
  • Android quick app: The HootSuite Twitter client
  • Adobe Flash is not coming to all Android phones [duh]
  • Adobe fights claims that Flash 10.1 is an Android battery assassin


  • AndroidCentral asks: What's your favorite Android podcatcher? [Contest]
Phil Nickinson