Android Central 86: Privacy, security and malicious apps -- oh, my!

Android Central
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Thing 1: Google privacy policy still under fire

Thing 2: The best/top/favorite Android phones

Thing 3: Other odds and ends

  • Symantec updates its scary (but wrong) Counterclank 'malware' claims
  • HTC addressing Wifi security loophole in some Android handsets
  • HTC Ville caught on video, shows new HTC Sense on Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Samsung: No Galaxy S II successor at Mobile World Congress
  • ClockworkMod Touch Recovery now available for $1.99 in ROM Manager, free as flashable download
  • Late night poll: Do you make in-app purchases?
  • February is fitness month at Mobile Nations!
  • T-Mobile's Sensation 4G and myTouch not quite ready for EOL

Thing 3.5: Updates galore